Starrett - MVR300 FOV Manual Field of View System

The MVR300 FOV manual field of view "FOV" vision system offers 12" x 8" x 8" travel, optional Z-axis measuring, a powerful MetLogix software control system, optional interchangeable telecentric and zoom optics and LED illumination. (read more)

Starrett - AVR300 FOV CNC Field of View System

The AVR300 CNC field of view "FOV" vision system offers 12" x 8" x 8" travel, optional Z-axis measuring, a powerful MetLogix software control system, interchangeable telecentric or zoom optics and LED illumination. (read more)

Starrett - Force Measurement Test System/FMS500 Series

The Starrett FMS500 Series is a single-column force measurement testing system optimized for high-volume production and quality control testing. The FMS500 frame has a 500N (112lbf) testing capacity ideal for tensile or compressive testing (read more)

Starrett - Profile360 Laser Measurement System

Profile360 is an in-line, real-time measurement system for continuously monitoring key profile dimensions in complex shapes such as rubber, plastic, ceramic, and wood-plastic composite extrusions, roll-formed metal profiles, and profiled wire. (read more)

Starrett - Force Measurement Systems

Starrett force measurement systems provide you with a reliable, accurate and easy-to-use solution for applications ranging from determining simple peak load measurement, load/extension at limits, or more complex break determination. Starrett force measurement systems are optimized for demanding, high-volume manufacturing environments; simple manufacturing where fast pass/fail analysis is... (read more)

Starrett - RT800 Roundness Measurement System

The new Starrett RT800 offers a flexible solution for all your roundness and form requirements with a variety of systems and application specific accessories along with fixtures that can be tailored to your specific need. (read more)

Starrett - 2900 AGD 2 Electronic Indicators - IP67 Protection

2900 Electronic Indicators are available in a choice of configurations to meet a range of requirements. Innovative True Absolute Sensor Technology minimizes the chance of data loss for exceptional reliability. Built with IP67 protection and customary Starrett quality, they maintain their reliability in hostile shop environments. (read more)

Starrett - HDV300 Optical Comparator with Digital Video

Innovative new system combining the power of the Optical Comparator with digital video, hi-resolution cameras, telecentric optics and LED illumination.

Utilizes digital overlay part design file (DXF) for comparing the inspected part to its design profile, similar to using a Mylar overlay chart on a comparator screen. (read more)

Starrett - 795 & 796 Electronic Micrometers

Starrett's top-of-the-line 795/796 Micrometers. Now with even more sizes to meet your needs!
4 Line expanded - 15 newTools with measuring ranges to 4"/100mm4 IP67 protection against coolant, water, chips, dirt and dust4 DataSure-ready 795 includes RS232 output4 Legendary Starrett design, construction and quality - the best in the business for more than a century! (read more)

Starrett - Starrett-3D Parts Catalog

Starrett has developed a revolutionary new way to explore the parts views of our precision tools. Utilizing a one-time software download, you will be able to explore our top selling tools so you can identify the part you need quickly and accurately. (read more)

Starrett - Versatix MP Band Saw Blades

Versatix MP is a bi-metal blade of triple-tempered, high-speed M-42 cobalt steel teeth with alloy steel backing strip. It has a patented tooth design that dissipates stress during cutting for less tooth breakage and longer blade life. Its special set minimizes pinching when cutting structurals and bundles. They are ideal for sawing structurals, tubes and small solids and pull-down, gravi... (read more)

Starrett - Digital Design Assistant

This feature allows engineers to download CAD models of tools into design software easily and quickly for digital prototyping.For quick visual or dimensional reference, 2D drawings in PDF format are also available to view or download.Please locate the desired tool using either the search box or the drop-down menu above and click on the Engineering Data tab to download the appropriate files. (read more)

Starrett - Advanz CS Band Saw Blades

Advanz CS is a carbide tipped blade with teeth ground from high quality micro-grained carbide cylinders welded to a tough, ductile backing material. They have a 20ยบ negative tooth tip rake angle for increased strength to penetrate high hardness materials while providing resistance to fatigue, shock and wear. They are ideal for cutting induction hardened chrome shafts, linear bearing shaf... (read more)

Starrett - SR100 Surface Roughness Tester

With the SR100, you can measure roughness almost anywhere. It is ideal for checking large components, structures, auditing batch production prior to shipment and production line process control. (read more)

Starrett - Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions
One way in which Starrett stands out from other precision tool providers is our willingness to work directly with customers to design and manufacture custom tools for applications that standard products cannot perform. (read more)

Starrett - 5006 Electronic Groove Caliper

With generous diameter and jaw depth capacities, the new 5006BZ-14/350 Electronic Groove Calipers are ideal for measuring internal and external grooves on large workpieces. (read more)

Starrett - High Accuracy Video Measurement Systems

The Large Format Video Systems from Starrett Kinemetric Engineering, Inc. range from 460mm (18") to 1273mm (50") of X-Y travel and have 200mm (8") of Z travel. (read more)

Starrett - 3811A Portable Hardness Tester

The Starrett 3811A is a state of the art, digital portable hardness tester, designed to test the hardness of large, hard metal parts. The 3811A combines fast test speeds with ample memory and output. It performs tests that easily convert to most popular hardness scales such as Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers and Shore. This compact hardness tester is loaded with useful functions usually found... (read more)

Starrett - Bore Gages

Starrett 3089 Series Dial Bore Gages offer precision, a full compliment of features and excellent value. (read more)

Starrett - 649 Spindle Square

The Starrett 649 Series Spindle Square offers accuracy, convenience and significant time saving with the task of tramming the head of a vertical milling machine. This must be done regularly to ensure squareness and perpendicularity between the spindle and work surface. (read more)

Starrett - 798 Electronic Slide Calipers

Starrett 798 Electronic Slide Calipers provide an IP67 level of protection against coolant, water, chips, dirt, dust, and other contaminants in hostile shop environments. (read more)

Starrett - Starrett 2000-24 Altissimo Electronic Height Gage

The Altiissimo Electronic Height Gage is innovative, easy-to-use, and loaded with Starrett-exclusive functions that allow you to easily program measuring routines that run smoothly and reliably. (read more)

Starrett - Starrett 5004BZ-32/800 Electronic Depth Gage

The Starrett 5004 Electronic Depth Gage is ideal for large part measurements. Gage features three movable bridge attachments that provide additional large part measurement capacity. This model provides 0-32" (0-800mm) range. (read more)

Starrett - Starrett 6" Combination Square with Center Head

The Starrett 6" Combination Square with Square and Center Head features a reversible lock bolt, scriber, spirit level, and hardened steel, photo-engraved blade with regular finish. This product also includes a cast iron head with black wrinkle finish. (read more)