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Te-Co, Inc.

Te-Co, Inc. has promoted these products:

Te-Co, Inc. - Double Acting Hydraulic Vise

TE-CO recently introduced a new line of hydraulic vises with double acting capabilities.This feature allows users to clamp and unclamp the vise with hydraulics power (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - Clamping Levers and Handles

TE-CO offers a complete line of clamping levers and handles that can be used for many different applications. Products inlcude: Crank Handles, Pull Handles, Cast Aluminum Hand Knobs and many more. (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - Safety Engineered Hoist Rings!

Te-Co, Inc. offers a variety of hoist rings. (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - TE-CO Ball Plungers

TE-CO Ball Plungers are manufactured with the highest standard of quality and are made in the USA. Ball Plungers are available in many different sizes and configurations. TE-CO welcomes special and non standard opportunities. (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - TE-CO Clamp Kits for CNC Applications

The new TE-CO Clamp Kits for CNC Applications are designed to meet the needs of today's machinist. (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - Toolex Self Contained Hydraulic Vises

The Toolex Self Contained Hydraulic Vises allow users the reap all the benfits of Hydraulic Clamping in a self contained unit with no need for additional pump, hoses, etc. (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - Toolex Self Centering Vise

The new Toolex Self Centering Vise is ideal for 5-axis machining applications. This vise is currently available in a 4 inch size. It incorporates Mitee Bite Talon Grip clamps into the jaws system. This allows the user to grip a workpiece on only .060" with very high clamping pressure. (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - Compact Machinable Jaw Vise 4" & 6"

Compact Vise Line is ideal for 5-axis Machining Applications or Machining Centers with small Work Envelopes (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - Premium Short Shank Inspection Ball Kit

Product Information

  • Each kit includes a wooden storage box
  • Special Kits can be assembled to meet your requirements
(read more)
Te-Co, Inc. - Vises for 4_axis Machining on Vertical Machines

TE-CO now offers complete packages for Indexer Applications for 4-axis machining. These packages are avilable in 4" and 6" vise sizes with a wide variety of jaw configurations. (read more)