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Te-Co, Inc.

Te-Co, Inc. has promoted these products:

Te-Co, Inc. - Clamping Levers and Handles

TE-CO offers a complete line of clamping levers and handles that can be used for many different applications. Products inlcude: Crank Handles, Pull Handles, Cast Aluminum Hand Knobs and many more. (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - TE-CO Ball Plungers

TE-CO Ball Plungers are manufactured with the highest standard of quality and are made in the USA. Ball Plungers are available in many different sizes and configurations. TE-CO welcomes special and non standard opportunities. (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - Safety Engineered Hoist Rings!
  • Material: AISI 4140 Aircraft Quality
  • Finish: Black Oxide Per Mil Spec. (Cadmium plated available)
  • Safety Factor: 5:1
  • Certified heat treatment
  • 100% magnetic particle inspected
  • 200% Proof-load Tested, with serial number for traceability
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Te-Co, Inc. - TE-CO Clamp Kits for CNC Applications

The new TE-CO Clamp Kits for CNC Applications are designed to meet the needs of today's machinist. (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - Toolex Self Contained Hydraulic Vises

The Toolex Self Contained Hydraulic Vises allow users the reap all the benfits of Hydraulic Clamping in a self contained unit with no need for additional pump, hoses, etc. (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - Toolex Self Centering Vise

The new Toolex Self Centering Vise is ideal for 5-axis machining applications. This vise is currently available in a 4 inch size. It incorporates Mitee Bite Talon Grip clamps into the jaws system. This allows the user to grip a workpiece on only .060" with very high clamping pressure. (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - Double Acting Hydraulic Vise

TE-CO recently introduced a new line of hydraulic vises with double acting capabilities.This feature allows users to clamp and unclamp the vise with hydraulics power (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - Compact Machinable Jaw Vise 4" & 6"

Compact Vise Line is ideal for 5-axis Machining Applications or Machining Centers with small Work Envelopes (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - Premium Short Shank Inspection Ball Kit

Product Information

  • Each kit includes a wooden storage box
  • Special Kits can be assembled to meet your requirements
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Te-Co, Inc. - Vises for 4_axis Machining on Vertical Machines

TE-CO now offers complete packages for Indexer Applications for 4-axis machining. These packages are avilable in 4" and 6" vise sizes with a wide variety of jaw configurations. (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - Directly interface with machine & robotic controls

TE-CO recently introduced a new line of hydraulic vises with double acting capabilities.This feature allows users to clamp and unclamp the vise with hydraulics power. This also allows users to use this vise in robotic & lights-out applications. The vises can be directly interfaced with machine and robotic controls.The 4" version is now avilable. A 6" version will be availble later th... (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - Fixture Plates

Extensive tapped dowel pin hole configuration provides the flexibility to accurately and quickly fixture practically any workpiece or mount any vise (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - TE-CO Fixturing Kits CMM Applications

Product Information

1/4-20 Threaded CMM Fixture Components

Variety of Components Provide a Quick, Accurate, Repeatable Solution for Fixturing Parts During CMM Inspection

Use With: Plastic, Aluminum, or Steel Parts

All CMM Fixture Components in Kits are also Available Individually (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - Machinist Clamp Kits!

Machinist Clamp Kit includes 52 total pieces. For material information, see individual components. (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - TOOLEX Double Station Vises from TE-CO

Product Information

TOOLEX Vises offer many innovative features that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

TOOLEX's Relock system offers the most comprehensive array of jaws and accessories available for vertical or horizontal machining applications.

These Vises are manufactured from high grade materials to meet the extreme accuracy and dur... (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - TE-CO Locator Jaw Set Built in Workstop Pins

Locator Jaws have built in workstop pins that allow the user to locate their work piece quickly and accurately everytime.

Locator Jaws can be bolted to your existing 6" single-station vise, making for a quick and easy installation. (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - TOOLEX 8 Station Vises -TE-CO

Product Information

TOOLEX Relock 8-station vises packages are available with hard jaws, soft jaws, or fixture plates.

Relock vises offer a quick snap on jaw system called SnapLock.

Available in manual or hydraulic.

Available in 4", 6", and 8" sizes

Body manufactured from 80,000 PSI ductile cast iron

Ways are flame... (read more)

Te-Co, Inc. - TE-CO Single Station Vises- 6

TE-CO proudly announces the addition of two new single station vises to their extensive workholding product line.

This product line consists of:

1) PWS6900 - 6" Single Station Vise with a 9" opening

2) PWS8110 - 8" Single Station Vise with an 11" opening

Theses two items offer many benefits over the main competitors in the marketplace. Including: l... (read more)