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Terra Universal, Inc.

Terra Universal, Inc. has promoted these products:

Terra Universal, Inc. - Water Purification System

The innovative design of the GenPure gives you the choice to mix and match UF, UV and TOC systems so you can achieve water purity levels and volumes your application requires. GenPure is ideal for use in the field of life science and analytical chemistry. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Laboratory Sonicator

The Q 55 is a compact and cost effective unit that can easily fit most bench top work spaces. Its simplified control system allows the user to choose between thumb switch or continuous operation. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Cubis Micro Balances

Modular Cubis balances allow users to choose from a comprehensive range of apps, accessories, components and options that configure and easily integrate balances into individual work processes. Cubis balances are ideal for pharmaceutical laboratories with precise processes, applications and compliance requirements. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Rotary Vane Pumps

The P-Z series rotary vane pumps have a high water vapor tolerance with a compact design. Due to their low weight, small dimensions and the high vacuum performance, these chemically suitable pumps are ideal for use in the laboratory. They are low maintenance, compact and exceptionally quiet. Applications include chemical laboratories, backing pump, freeze drying, and process engineering. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

These Ultra-Low Temperature Chest Freezers are designed to provide versatile and reliable sample storage. An intuitive microprocessor control panel allows personnel to see set points, system status and alarm messages. An easy-to-remove, washable air filter provides protection from dust on condenser, reducing the risk of refrigeration malfunction or risk to samples being compromised. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Cleanroom Utility Carts

These carts are available in two- and three-shelf designs. Select 304 stainless steel solid shelves or a combination of chrome-plated wire and solid stainless steel (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Nitrogen Generator

This Nitrogen Generator represents a series of advances by the world leader in hollow-fiber membrane technology used in the first artificial kidney. It gives you complete control of the production of nitrogen for use in a wide range of cleanroom applications—and in most cases quickly pays for itself. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Cleanroom Storage Cabinets

Cabinets are made of powder-coated steel or 304 stainless steel. The cabinets feature transparent, overlapping access doors which can be ordered in clear acrylic or static-dissipative PVC.

Cabinets can also be ordered in custom configurations. Posts and shelving available in stainless steel on a custom basis. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - MicroVac Portable Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner

The MicroVac™ is a portable vacuum cleaner suitable for use in cleanroom environments. It incorporates a four-stage filter system to remove particles and dust from the air before returning the air to the workplace. The small size, light weight, and flexible attachments of this cleaner make it ideal for cleaning tight corners and delicate equipment. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Ionizing Bar

The Ionizing Bar generates a balanced stream of positive and negative ions to neutralize surface static charges, safeguarding ESD-sensitive materials. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Cleanroom Talk-Through

Terra's Cleanroom Talk-Throughs give you a clear line of communication into your cleanroom. Noncontaminating materials and construction techniques ensure cleanroom compatibility. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Motorized Shoe Cleaner

This rugged, easy-to-operate automated shoe cleaner employs a time-proven design that ensures fast, effective shoe cleaning in cleanrooms, changing rooms, and other environmentally controlled areas. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Cleanroom Mirrors
  • Provides a visual self-check to enhance compliance with gowning protocol before personnel enter the cleanroom
  • Three Space-Saving Configurations –
    Dual-Sided Mirrors minimizes congestion by providing two viewing surfaces and versatile positioning
    Framed Mirrorsfeature heavy-gauge, mirror-finish steel frame<.../li>
(read more)
Terra Universal, Inc. - Cleanroom Air Showers

These Air Showers and Tunnels offer an effective way to remove surface-deposited particles from personnel—before they get to the cleanroom. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Heavy-Duty Folding Cleanroom Ladder

These heavy-duty step ladders are ideal for repair work or other out-of-reach tasks that could require the use of tools. They can safely handle up to 350 pounds of weight. Fold and wheel this 31-pound ladder for easy transit to the desired location in your cleanroom; fold and store when not in use. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Filtration Glove Box: open-loop or closed-loop

Terra's Open-Loop/Closed-Loop Filtration Glovebox combines the convertible filtration module with a Series 100 Polymer Glove Box Isolator. It’s a clean, low-humidity environment for critical processing operations in such industries as semiconductor and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The modular design lets you select the options you need for your application. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - BioSafe Cleanroom Waste Receptacles

BioSafe Waste Receptacles are used in controlled cleanroom or laboratory environments. They are made of either impurity-free electropolished 304 stainless steel, or chemical-resistant polypropylene. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Pass-Through Convenience Windows & Doors

A convenient way to pass documents and materials between uncontrolled rooms: save time and increase efficiency with this unique wall portal in your choice of configurations. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Easy-Reach USP <797> Compounding Aseptic Isolator

Terra Universal, the leader in cleanroom designs and furnishings, manufactures an Easy-Reach version of its USP-797 Compounding Aseptic Isolator (CAI). meeting strict requirements for sterile preparation of pharmaceutical drugs. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - PureDry™ ULPA-Filtered Hand Dryer

Brushless motor eliminates carbon contaminants for ultra-clean operation.

The PureDry Hand/Glove Dryers offer contamination control features for the most rigorous gowning protocols and critical cleanroom applications, at a price that's right almost anywhere. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Hardwall Plastic Cleanrooms

Terra's Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms provide the rigidity and durability of a freestanding room. All components are factory-assembled and tested before shipping, and on-site installation is usually completed in less than a day. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Vertical Laminar Flow Workstations

Terra Universal's Vertical Laminar Flow Station combines several of their most advanced products in a state-of-the-art work station that removes particulate air-borne contamination. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Horizontal Laminar Flow Workstations

Terra's Horizontal Laminar Flow Station provides an economical work environment that exceeds the most stringent contamination requirements in the pharmaceuticals, biotech, electronics and semiconductor industries. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - WhisperFlow Benchtop Laminar Flow Hoods

This versatile laminar flow hood gives you a particle-free work environment on any available work surface. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - CleanCube Benchtop Laminar Flow Hoods

Terra's CleanCube™ provides a vertical laminar flow of filtered air to provide a particle-free processing environment. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Exhaust Fume Hoods

This Exhaust Fume Hood is designed to afford you maximum economy and flexibility in designing the system that's just right for your application. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - High-Clearance Chemical Fume Hoods

This benchtop unit features over 28" of vertical clearance with the access shield open. The dual impeller blowers provide ample ventilation under filter load to maintain exhaust air speed >/= 100 fpm for safe operation and worker protection. A polypropylene tray collects chemical spills, and quick-release clamps ensure easy access to activated charcoal and/or final HEPA filters. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Ductless Exhaust Fume Hoods

This high-capacity, turnkey fume hood features dual blowers to ensure a safe exhaust flow speed >/= 100 fpm. Polypropylene construction resists chemical vapors, and an onboard air speed meter monitors operation. Includes hood, fluorescent illuminator. blower module (two 1200CFM), filter housing, and swing vane anemometer. Dimensions: 45"W x 28"D x 27"H. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Stainless Steel Glove Boxes (Series 300)

The Series 300 Stainless Steel Controlled Atmosphere Chamber provides a hermetically sealed environment for such manufacturing operations as resistance welding of semiconductor hybrids, parts degassing, temperature and humidity testing, and chemical mixing in a nonreactive environment. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - BioSafe Gloveboxes
  • Smooth, ultra-clean surfaces eliminate germ traps, simplify cleaning and disinfection
  • Continuous-seam interiors create a hermetically sealed chamber
  • Tempered glass or polycarbonate viewing windows allow full view of chamber
(read more)
Terra Universal, Inc. - Full-View Gloveboxes (Series 600)

Polycarbonate or Safety Glass front window allows full view of processing operations with cutouts and sealed interfaces available for microscopes and other equipment. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Vacuum Chambers and Components

Vacuum & Environmental Chambers - Select among stainless and powder-coated steel, aluminum and acrylic chambers in many standard sizes, or call Terra for a system configured to your requirements! (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Laboratory Ovens

Versatile laboratory and pass-through ovens include cleanroom-compatible models and feature excellent vacuum and temperature performance for R & D, laboratory, and production operations over a long period of time—and at a very low price. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Environmental Test Chambers

These chambers provide the ideal environment for a wide range of testing and evaluation studies in many industries.

Their 304 stainless steel interiors are durable and easy to clean. Large chambers feature a key-lockable full-view glass door; small chambers include a key-lockable interior glass door. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Laboratory Fume Hoods

Laminar Flow and Exhaust Fume Hoods in many configurations! (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Clean Benches/Tables

Terra's clean room benches meet the most critical cleanliness requirements. Custom Work is No Problem! (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Biological Safety Cabinets

Biological Safety Cabinets set the standard for safety, performance and ergonomics. Terra Universal, Inc. manufactures safety cabinets to your specifications. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Modular Cleanrooms

Modular Hardwall Cleanrooms, Softwall Cleanrooms, Pass Throughs and Air Showers -
Free-Standing Portable Enclosures for Every Size Requirement for Your Cleanrooms (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - BioSafe Cleanrooms

Terra's all-steel BioSafe Cleanrooms provide smooth surfaces, inside and out. They stand up to standard disinfectants and sterilization procedures and can be specified with anti-microbial surface coatings. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Upright Stainless Steel Desiccators (Series 400)

The Series 400 Stainless Steel Desiccator provides the optimal clean, low-humidity environment for sensitive parts. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Benchtop Stainless Steel Desiccators (Series 100)

Stainless Steel Desiccators Provide Cleanliness, Convenience, Economy
They feature transparent front and back windows for great visibility of stored materials; select either safety glass or Static-Dissipative PVC to suit your application. The front door features a full-height hinge. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Adust-A-Shelf Desiccator

Durable, efficient nitrogen-purged storage cabinets from the industry-leading desiccator dry cabinet manufacturer (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - NitroPlex Desiccator

The NitroPlex™ is the only humidity control system that combines the monitoring and control capabilities required in zero-tolerance applications with miniaturized semiconductor components, bio/pharmaceutical samples and other moisture-sensitive materials. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - SmartDesiccator

Terra Universal's SmartDesiccator™ maximizes yields of sensitive materials by automatically maintaining a user-determined humidity set point. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Wet Processing and Cleaning Stations

Terra's Modular Wet Processing and Cleaning Benches provide economical solutions for acid etching, semiconductor wafer processing, chemical rinsing and drying, and other wet chemical processes. Their modular, ergonomic bench top design allows flexible configuration of wet processing modules, maximizes purity, and minimizes the threat of chemical carry-over and wafer contamination. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Cleanroom Pass-Through Chambers

These Pass-Through Chambers cut down significantly on traffic and contamination by providing a better, safer way to transfer equipment and paperwork. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Smart Glovebox

Terra's Smart Glovebox™ automatically maintains a low-humidity environment to protect moisture-sensitive parts. Its quick-response feedback system continuously monitors the chamber's relative humidity level and indicates the measured value on a bright LED display. When the %RH climbs above a set point value, it activates a flow of dry nitrogen to restore the desired humidity level. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - MaxQ Laboratory Shakers

Lab-Line's MaxQ 2000 Open-Air Platform Shakers can accommodate three platform sizes—13" x 11", 18" x 18" and 24" x 18"—and are available in both analog and digital configurations. The shakers can be set to operate in continuous or timed mode. In addition, the combination of an unbalanced load sensor and a soft start feature protects samples from a variety of problems. (read more)

Terra Universal, Inc. - Plastic Gloveboxes - Series 100

Terra's plastic glove boxes provide a clean, low-humiditiy (to 0%RH), static-safe environment for critical processing operations. Their modular design lets you select the options you need for your application. More info... (read more)