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Tescom-Emerson Process Management

Tescom-Emerson Process Management has promoted these products:

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - TESCOM Aircraft Charging Carts for Ground Support

Enhance ground support safety while reducing operating costs. Be confident controlling pressure with oxygen and other media. Emerson’s TESCOM Aircraft Charging Carts manifolds are indpendently certified for oxygen service by Wendell Hull & Associates. Features such as regulator bypass prevention for ensuring proper pressure control combined with an ultra-stable cart wheelbase e... (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - TESCOM 56 Series Optimizes Offshore Production

Emerson engineered the TESCOM 56 Series chemical injection flow control device to provide consistent flow of chemicals to your production infrastructure. Optimizing chemical usage will prevent problems associated with over and under injection and help reduce operational and maintenance costs while increasing safety. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - Efficient automation of pressure control

Efficient automation for pressure control processes. Repeatable, accurate and robust performance in a closed loop solution.

Can be used on a wide range of applications including in hazardous locations.

Our proprietary ERTune software allows for easy setup, tuning and continued operation with quick response and comprehensive 16 bit data acquisition. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - A comprehensive guide to regulators & systems

TESCOM's eCatalog is a go-to source for information on regulators, valves and systems. You will not only find specific product information, but also technical information, such as engineering guidelines for different world areas, common terms and definitions, and certifications. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - Consistent Chemical Injection Rates: 56 Series

The TESCOM™ 56 Series provides accurate pressure control that allows customers to have consistent injection rates over the life of the well. Ideal for Offshore Chemical Injection applications (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - Pressure Reducing Regulator for Offshore HPUs

The TESCOM™ 50-4000 and 50-4100 Series are pressure reducing regulators for offshore hydraulic power unit applications. This unique pressure reducing regulator, with its integrated bypass valve, decreases pressurization time by up to 33 percent and extends service life of the regulator by eliminating human error. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - Compact, low pressure diaphragm regulator

TESCOM™ SG Series - compact, lightweight, high purity regulators for specialty, flammable and industrial gas flows. Sensitive, extra long-life metal diaphragm ensures gas purity and integrity. User-friendly model number enables the specifier to select optional gauges, relief and shut-off valves, and cylinder connections as part of the regulator assembly. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 50-2000 Series: Pressure Reducing Regulator

The 50-2000 Series pressure reducing regulator is specifically designed for extended life operation in high pressure hydraulic applications. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - Small Valves, Big Results

Compact TESCOM 2 way and 3 way valves offer tight shut-off and extended service life that significantly reduce operational costs that are associated with leakage and maintenance. In-line serviceability and small footprint, VA/VG and VT Series valves will further reduce downtime and system complexity. Flexible designs make them great replacements for actuated ball valves. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 54-2000 Series: Pressure Reducing Regulator

TESCOM 54-2000 Series pressure reducing regulator is suitable for 10,000 psig / 690 bar inlet and outlet hydraulic applications. Segragated and captured vent allows for convenient downstream pressure reduction adjustments. Hardened Stainless Steel seat and stem provide excellent wear resistance in harsh applications. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 54-2100 Series: Back Pressure

TESCOM™ 54-2100 Series backpressure regulator is suitable for 15,000 psig / 1034 bar liquid applications. Modifications also available for 20,000 psig / 1379 bar and 30,000 psig / 2068 bar. Hardened Stainless Steel seat and stem provide excellent wear resistance in harsh applications. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - PH-3200 Series: Compact, Low Pressure, Medium Flow

TESCOM PH-3200 Series is part of our Pharmpure™ product line. This high purity high-flow single stage regulator offers a compact, USP Class VI and BPE compliant design suitable for biotech, and pharm gas flows of 5-50 SCFM / 142-1416 SLPM. Diffusion resistant metal-to-metal diaphragm seal ensures gas purity and integrity. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 44-1100 Series: High Pressure-Reducing

TESCOM 44-1100 Series high pressure, low flow self-venting regulator offers a piston sensed design, control pressures of 6,000-10,000 psig / 414-690 bar, a low torque setting and large hand knob. Available in Brass or Stainless Steel. Multiple pressure range kits are available. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - VT Series 3-Way Valve - Compact, Versatile

VT 3-way air operated valve provides high cycle life in a compact design with pressure ratings of 10,000 psig and 6,000 psig respectively. With its balanced poppet valve design, the VT minimizes seat wear in high cycle applications and can be actuated with a min./max. range of 80-110 psi. The bi-directional balanced valve allows for versatility with flow direction. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 26-1000 Series: High Pressure-Reducing

The TESCOM 26-1000 Series controls pressures up to 10,000 psig / 690 bar. This pressure reducing regulator offers standard self-venting providing decreased outlet pressure through the regulator. An interchangeable spring and sensor equals product versatility. The low torque handknob provides easy adjustability. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 44-2200 Series: General Purpose/Compact-Reducing

TESCOM 44-2200 Series is a compact, lightweight high purity single stage regulator for specialty, flammable, and industrial gas flows of less than 5 SCFM / 141 SLPM. Diffusion-resistant metal diaphragm seal ensures gas purity and integrity. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - General Purpose/Two Stage-Reducing Regulator

TESCOM 44-3400 Series is a compact, lightweight high purity two-stage cylinder regulator for specialty, corrosive, and pyrophoric gases of 5 SCFM / 141 SLPM. Diffusion-resistant metal-to-metal diaphragm seal ensures gas integrity and purity. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - DH Series: Low Pressure

TESCOM DH Series single stage regulator provides a compact size with high flow capability from 5-200 SCFM / 142-5663 SLPM. The large diaphragm and balanced main valve design provide low droop (larger usable flow range) than competitive designs. Available in spring or dome loaded configurations. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 26-1700 Series: Versatile

TESCOM 26-1700 Series regulator controls pressures up to 15,000 psig / 1034 bar and is suitable for gas or liquid service. Extremely sensitive with high temperature versions available. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 54-2200 Series: High Flow/High Pressure

TESCOM 54-2200 Series pressure reducing regulator is designed for high flow and high pressure hydraulic applications. Inlet and outlet are rated up to 8,000 psig / 552 bar; Cv = 2.0 for flows up to 60 GPM / 127 LPM; and spring, air and dome loaded versions are available. Hardened Stainless Steel seat and poppet for excellent wear resistance. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 26-1200 Series: High Flow

TESCOM 26-1200 Series dome-loaded, high-flow pressure reducing regulator is externally loaded with 6,000 psig / 414 bar maximum inlet and outlet pressures. The 26-1200 Series offers three orifice sizes and Cv ratings, balanced main valve and available external sensing. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 26-2000 Series: High Pressure/Low Flow

TESCOM 26-2000 Series high pressure, low flow piston sensed regulator is available in dome, spring and air load versions, comes with segregated captured venting standard with inlet pressure ratings of 6,000-15,000 psig / 413-1034 bar. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - PH1600 Series: High Flow

TESCOM PH-1600 Series is part of our Pharmpure™ product line. This high purity, high flow single stage regulator offers a compact, USP Class VI and BPE compliant design suitable for biotech and pharm gas flows of 5-200 SCFM / 141-5660 SLPM. Gylon® diaphragm ensures gas purity and integrity. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - BB-1 Series: High Pressure / Low Flow

TESCOM™ BB-1 Series high pressure, low flow, miniature pressure reducing regulator provides six outlet pressure ranges available up to 1800 psig /124 bar outlet. This non-venting regulator is small and compact, weighing approximately 0.5 lbs / 0.2 kg in the standard aluminum construction. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 44-3200 Series: High Flow / Purge

TESCOM 44-3200 Series is a compact, high flow, high purity single stage regulator for specialty, flammable and industrial gas flows of 5-50 SCFM /141-1415 SLPM. Diffusion-resistant metal diaphragm seal ensures gas purity and integrity. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 44-1300 Series: High Flow / High Pressure

TESCOM 44-1300 Series is a high-pressure, high-flow pressure reducing regulator that offers a self-venting and balanced valve design. The 44-1300 Series provides Cv = 0.8 and 2.0 and available dome and air load options. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 26-2300 Series: High Accuracy

TESCOM 26-2300 Series is a highly accurate, diaphragm sensed backpressure regulator. It controls pressures up to 500 psig / 35 bar and offers many Cvs from .02 up to 1.0. Air and dome load versions are available for remote operation or for use with the TESCOM ER3000. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - DK Series: Medium Flow and Pressures

The TESCOM DK regulator improves control and resolution at medium flow and pressures. The DK can be paired up with the TESCOM 26-1600 regulator for remote control capability or combined with the TESCOM ER3000 for remote automated and precise pressure control to +/- 0.1%. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 12 Series: Miniature Pressure Reducing Regulator

TESCOM 12 Series is a miniature ultra high purity IGS/VCR pressure reducing regulator. The 12 Series offers 5 Ra or 10 Ra microinch finishes, tied diaphragm and internally springless and threadless design. It provides inlet pressures of 150 psig / 10.3 bar, outlet pressure from 28" Hg-15, 30, 60, 100 psig / 28" Hg-1.0, 2.1, 4.1, 6.9 bar with flow rates up to 120 SLPM. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 20-1000 Series: Natural Gas Regulator

TESCOM 20-1000 Series regulator is designed with lightweight aluminum construction for onboard compressed natural gas vehicles with 7 liter engines and larger. Piston sensed for long service life with heat exchanger to prevent freezing. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 26-2500 Series: High Flow / Back Pressure

TESCOM 26-2500 Series has a Cv = 5.0 for high flow back-pressure applications. Large Gylon® diaphragm provides excellent sensitivity and minimal crack to reseat pressure differential. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - SJS Series: Tracking/Pump Applications

TESCOM SJS Series is excellent for use on dual mechanical pump seal systems to help control fugitive emissions, prolong seal life, increase safety and reduce seal maintenance costs. The SJS is commonly used with the 42MW Series Instrument Isolator. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 26-1100: High Flow

TESCOM™ 26-1100 Series is a dome load, high flow pressure reducing regulator. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 44-1500 Series: High Flow / Pressure Reducing

TESCOM 44-1500 high flow regulator controls outlet pressures up to 600 psig / 41 bar. Large area piston provides accurate pressure control and cycle life superior to diaphragm sensed regulators when applied to heavy duty cycling. Features a segregated/captured vent for hydraulic or pneumatic media and available in two outlet spring ranges. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 20-1200 Series: Hydrogen Regulator

TESCOM 20-1200 Series lightweight aluminum constructed preset regulator offers an integrated 10 micron filter designed for hydrogen service. NGV 3.1 and TUV batch approval for onboard hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Excellent choice for other OEM applications. (read more)

Tescom-Emerson Process Management - 26-1600 Series: Highly Accurate/Pressure Reducing

TESCOM 26-1600 Series highly accurate, diaphragm sensed pressure reducing regulator offers adjustable self-venting standard. Panel mounting, integrated 40 micron filter and low hand-knob torque ensure a robust and adaptable design with many modifications available. (read more)