Thermosleeve USA - Heat Shrinkable Solder Sleeving - HSSS

Heat shrinkable solder sleeving terminations (HSSS) are a reliable, cost-effective way to streamline wire & cable insulation & termination in one easy step. (read more)

Thermosleeve USA - 4X Heat Shrinkable Dual Wall Tubing

DWT-RO is a flame-retardant semi-rigid heat shrinkable polyolefin dual-wall tubing that provides excellent sealing, oil resistance, insulation. (read more)

Thermosleeve USA - Heat Shrinkable PET Film - Halogen-Free

CB-PET is a flexible, halogen-free tubing that is environmentally friendly and widely used in packaging applications like batteries, coil windings, capacitors and fluorescent light bulb encapsulation. (read more)

Thermosleeve USA - 2x Rapid Shrinking Polyolefin Tubing

CB-HFT300 is a thin-wall, flame-retardant polyolefin heat-shrinkable tubing used where rapid shrinking and reduced space requirements are important. (read more)

Thermosleeve USA - Tough Medium Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

Thermosleeve USA's MWT is a tough medium wall heat shrink tubing made to perform under harsh conditions when exposed to the environment. (read more)

Thermosleeve USA - Mil Spec/SAE Adhesive Lined Dual Wall Heat Shrink

CB-DWT1000 from Thermosleeve USA is a cross-linked, polyolefin heat shrink tubing designed to meet UL224 and SAE-AMS-DTL25053/4 requirements of the automotive, aerospace & military industry. (read more)

Thermosleeve USA - Heat-Shrink For Automotive Brake-pipe Applications

CB-DWT(2000) is especially suited for automotive metal pipes and fuel lines, effectively protecting against any kind of damage caused by friction and corrosion, improving the safety of the vehicle. (read more)

Thermosleeve USA - Heat Shrinkable Endcaps

RSCE are heat-shrinkable end caps providing electric insulation, excellent sealing and waterproofing to power and telecommunication cable such as XLPE, PILC wire. (read more)

Thermosleeve USA - 1.8x High-Temperature Teflon Heat Shrink

1.8x Hi-temp PTFE tubing, from Thermosleeve USA, is designed to provide insulation and mechanical protection in severe chemical and thermal environments and is used widely in the medical, aviation, aerospace and scientific instrumentation industries. (read more)

Thermosleeve USA - 4X Hi-Temp Fluoroelastomer Heat-Shrink

Thermosleeve USA’s FKM series heat shrink tubing is a flexible, single-wall tubing used where high temperatures and harsh environments are present. (read more)

Thermosleeve USA - 2X/3X Yellow/Green Striped Heat-Shrink

CB-HFT(YG) is a halogeen-free, yellow and green striped heat-shrink tubing that is flexible, flame-retardant and resistant to common fluids and solvents and used in yellow and green wiring linkage and ground marking. (read more)

Thermosleeve USA - 4:1 Mil Spec/SAE Heat Shrink Tubing

CB-DWT(4000) is a 4:1 adhesive-lined, semi-rigid polyolefin heat shrink dual-wall tubing with great mechanical strength and fray-resistance for wire harness terminals. (read more)

Thermosleeve USA - Heat Shrinkable Braided Tubing

RSF is a flexible, halogen-free, braided fiber tubing designed primarily to provide outstanding mechanical abrasion protection. (read more)


DWT(MW) is our polyolefin, adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing that provides excellent protection under harsh mechanical and environmental conditions and makes it possible to cover and seal irregular shapes and large connectors. (read more)

Thermosleeve USA - CB- HFT(300) Heat-Shrinkable Tubing

CB-HFT(300) is a kind of very thin-wall, flame-retardant polyolefin heat-shrinkable tubing. It is typically used where rapid shrinking and space saving are important, such as wire terminals and splices, mini switch etc. The products are UL recognized at 125°C, 300V. All are F mark.125°C, 300V. (read more)

Thermosleeve USA - Flame-retardant PVC Tubing- CB-300/CB-600

CB-300/CB-600 PVC tubing is a flexible, flame-retardant, non heat-shrinkable tubing suitable for insulating electronics, automotive components, terminal lugs, small electrical parts, etc. (read more)


DWT (RX) is a clear, 4:1, heat-shrinkable polyolefin dual-wall tubing that is widely used for insulation and sealing of temperature-sensitive components. (read more)

Thermosleeve USA -  2X/3X/4X Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

CB-DWT (2X/3X/4X) is a dual wall , halogen free and flame-retardant polyolefin heatshrink tubing with adhesive-lining and is used where high expansion ratios make it possible to repair most damaged cable jackets without removing connectors. (read more)

Thermosleeve USA - High Flame-Retardant Heat Shrink ID Tags - MT (HX)

MT (HX) ID tags from Thermosleeve USA are made from durable, flame-retardant, radiation cross-linked polyolefin that provide low smoke and low toxicity properties. (read more)

Thermosleeve USA -  Low Fire Hazard Marker Tags - MT(TAG)

MT (TAG) is primarily used for cable and wire-bundle identification where low fire hazard characteristics are required. (read more)