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Tinius Olsen, Inc.

Tinius Olsen, Inc. has promoted these products:

Tinius Olsen, Inc. - IT800 - High Energy Impact Tester

Tinius Olsen's new model IT800 is a pendulum impact tester designed for Charpy style impact tests on high strength materials and are designed to fully comply with the specifications outlined in ASTM E23, BS EN ISO 148-3 and BS EN ISO 148-2. (read more)

Tinius Olsen, Inc. -  Electromechanical Testers...High Force

Tinius Olsen - electromechanical testing machines are designed to test metals, composites, rigid reinforced plastics, webbing etc. in tension, compression, flexure, shear, tear and peel. (read more)

Tinius Olsen, Inc. - Melt Indexer. unprecedented temperature control

Tinius Olsen introduces our latest evolution of melt indexer to meet almost every need. This new model, the MP1200, meets, and surpasses, all the requirements of Procedure A and Procedures B, C and D of ASTM D1238. The MP1200 features unprecedented temperature control and ease of use through a touch screen controller. (read more)

Tinius Olsen, Inc. - Materials Testing Machines ...Benchtop

Tinius Olsen's line of Benchtop Materials Testing Machines are designed to test a wide spectrum of materials including metals, plastics, rubber, textiles, paper, yarn, wire, adhesives, ceramics, timber, foils, composites and finished components in tension, compression, flexure or shear. Maximum frame capacities from 1kN (200lbf, 100kg). (read more)

Tinius Olsen, Inc. - Torsion Testing Machines

Tinius Olsen - offers a full range of torsion testing machines in capacities from 1,000 to 30,000 Nm. For maximum torsion testing versatility and capability. (read more)

Tinius Olsen, Inc. - Testing Machine...Compression Only

Tinius Olsen - Compression Only Super L Frames. The test frames are very similar to their universal test frame “cousins” but all the hardware required for tensile testing functionality has been removed. The Compression Only Super "L" Testing Machines are rugged compression hydraulic machines proven in demanding applications worldwide. (read more)

Tinius Olsen, Inc. - Horizontal Tensile Testers

Tinius Olsen - horizontal testing machines offer unique benefits over vertically oriented testers by allowing a range of accessories to be mounted next to the machine that can turn the machine into a fully automatic testing station. (read more)

Tinius Olsen, Inc. - Custom Electromechanical Testers

High Force Electromechanical Materials Testing Machines

These rugged electromechanical tension and compression testing machines feature Tinius Olsen straingage load cell force measuring systems. We offer a choice of two-screw or four-screw load frames and maximum frame capacities start from 60kN (12,000lbf, 6,000kg) for these special application machines. (read more)

Tinius Olsen, Inc. - Civil Engineering

Tinius Olsen has extended and expanded its product offering to the Civil Engineering community with its new range of sample collection, sample preparation and specimen testing equipment that is designed specifically for concrete; asphalt; cements, lime, plaster and mortar; and sand, aggregate and fillers. (read more)

Tinius Olsen, Inc. - High Energy Impact Systems

Tinius Olsen manufactures a range of different pendulum impact testers that can be easily changed from a Charpy configuration to an Izod configuration. These testers come in a couple of capacities and are designed primarily for either plastics or metals impact testing. (read more)

Tinius Olsen, Inc. - Deflection Temperature Under Load & Vicat Testers

The Models 603 HDTM and 303 HDTM are the latest generation of Tinius Olsen's digitally controlled Automatic Deflection Temperature/Vicat test equipment, with an automated testing sequence that proceeds according to user defined control and configuration parameters. (read more)

Tinius Olsen, Inc. - Data Acquisition & Machine Control System Software

Computer-assisted data acquisition and machine control systems can be supplied with most Tinius Olsen testing machines. These software packages allow data to be automatically collected, analyzed and, where appropriate, graphed or displayed, while providing total control of testing operations. (read more)

Tinius Olsen, Inc. - Folding Endurance Machines

Automatically test folding endurance properties of a wide range of materials

  • Three different models
  • Provides constant tension load
  • Variable folding rates from 20 to 175 double folds per minute can be furnished
  • Test paper, plastic, leather, wire and other pliable materials
(read more)
Tinius Olsen, Inc. -  Moisture Analyzer Hydrotracer from Tinius Olsen

The new Tinius Olsen Hydrotracer moisture analyser is an effective, accurate, fast and cost effective way to determine the moisture content of materials that uses a chemical determination rather than a thermo-gravimetric technique (read more)

Tinius Olsen, Inc. - MODUL-r

The MODUL-r is the most efficient and economical “Go/No-Go” testing method available for determining if a given batch of sheet steel is suitable for a deep-drawing application. (read more)

Tinius Olsen, Inc. - Suture Testers
  • Force Ranges of 0–10 N or 0-100N
  • Other capacities available up to 1,000N
  • Force measurement accuracy of +/- 0.1%
  • Conforms to BS1610 grade 1 or 0.5
(read more)
Tinius Olsen, Inc. - Tinius Olsen Impact Testers

Tinius Olsen manufactures a range of different pendulum impact testers that can be easily changed from a Charpy configuration to an Izod configuration. These testers come in a couple of capacities, and are designed primarily for either plastics or metals impact testing. (read more)

Tinius Olsen, Inc. - Hydraulic Testers from Tinius Olsen

Super "L" Testing Machines are rugged tension and compression hydraulic machines proven in thousands of demanding applications worldwide. (read more)

Tinius Olsen, Inc. - New Line of Hardness Testers

Tinius Olsen introduces a new line of hardness testers including series of testers that cover Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Vickers, Micro Vickers, Brinell, and Knoop scales (read more)