Tooling Technology - Quick Change Cylinders

The Segen Quick change system replaces old-fashioned nuts, bolts, fasteners and hand tools, which significantly reduces the time wasted on industrial setups, changeovers, workholding, clamping, fixturing and alignment. (read more)

Tooling Technology - Model PD250 Micro Quick Change Cylinders

Make changeovers simple, safe and secure. Precisely and quickly locate and lock just about anything without the need for tools, nuts or bolts! Segen's Micro Cylinders significantly reduce downtime, setup and production costs. The Segen Quick Change system will pay for itself time and time again. (read more)

Tooling Technology - Model PD500 Mega Quick Change Cylinders

Like Tooling Technology's smaller cylinder locks, the Model 500 Mega Cylinder will help accelerate tool change-overs and reduce downtime. Rated to 25,000 lbs. of holding force per cylinder, their Model 500 Cylinder Lock will enable you to instantly locate and lock even the largest tools with precision, ease and repeatability. (read more)

Tooling Technology - Sensor Cylinder Locks

This enhanced version of the Segen Quick Change product utilizes an internal sensor to offer the machine operator a visual means of identifying that the mechanism is positively locked or unlocked, thereby improving the safety, reliability, efficiency and overall effectiveness of the Segen Quick Change system. (read more)

Tooling Technology - Quick-Change CNC Pallet Chuck

This innovative pallet system improves both existing and new machining centers by palletizing everyday tasks. Mount machine stock, workholders, or dedicated fixtures to pallets, creating a repeatable home position for your CNC work station. (read more)

Tooling Technology - Eccolite Ultra Syntactic Foam Plug Assist Material

Eccolite® Ultra Syntactic Foam.

This ultra smooth, heat resistant material is one of the toughest materials available for thermoforming plug assists on the market today. (read more)

Tooling Technology - Formplast 2000 Plug Assist Material

Formplast 2000 is a thermoplastic composite material with superior properties, that make it excellent for use in thermoforming plug assist applications. Formplast 2000 eliminates the problems associated with lesser plug assist materials. (read more)

Tooling Technology - Metapor - Porous Aluminum Mold Material

Metapor micro-porous, air permeable aluminum delivers advanced solutions for many thermoforming and vacuum clamping applications. Metapor eliminates the need to drill vacuum holes, resulting in faster mold production, highly detailed molds and sharp definition of finished formed plastic parts. (read more)

Tooling Technology - Peening Hammer

Peen Worn Punches & Dies Right Inside Your Trim Press

A must for anyone running punch and die or matched-metal trim tooling. Our remarkable peening hammer can be used to renew worn tooling without the time and cost associated with pulling the trim tool out of the press. (read more)

Tooling Technology - Industrial Blow Molds

The Tooling Tech Group makes Industrial Blow Mold Tooling that is used to manufacture automotive duct work, spoilers, reservoirs, spare tire covers, load decks, bumpers, & fuel tanks. We also make blow molds for other consumer products like ice coolers, water softeners, industrial containers, toys, housewares and more. (read more)

Tooling Technology - Industrial Blow Mold Components

Standardize the features of your blow molds and increase your productivity with our comprehensive line of industrial blow mold parts, components and accessories.

**Please visit the "news" tab to read about Tooling Technology's recent acquisition of FPM Tooling & Automation.** (read more)

Tooling Technology - Automated Robotic Work Cells

Our automation division can create an automated work cell to help you reduce your labor costs and preserve cash flow. (read more)

Tooling Technology - Variable Contact Cutter

The VCC robot cell will enable plants to automate cutting operations that are often performed manually. (read more)

Tooling Technology - Workcells, Automation & Assembly Equipment

AutomationRoboticsHot Plate Welding Equipment • •Blank Cutting Machinery Vision Inspection SystemsStaple, Glue & Assembly StationsDrilling, Deflashing & Degating SystemsUltrasonic Welding StationsMultiple Station Deflashing Cells (read more)

Tooling Technology - Plug Assist Materials for Thermoforming

Tooling Technology offers a wide range of high-quality plug-assist materials. These thermoforming essentials are inventoried in various sized rods, sheets and blocks that can be easily cut and machined into shapes ranging from simple to highly complex. Please visit our website for detailed specification sheets, material properties, available sizes and pricing for each type of plug-assist... (read more)