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Trachte, Inc.

Trachte, Inc. has promoted these products:

Trachte, Inc. - Metering/Monitoring/SCADA Buildings

Trachte provides modular, prefabricated buildings, shelters and large-format enclosures in transportable sizes from 4' to 30' wide. Because Trachte buildings are pre-assembled, they are equipment ready immediately after delivery and placement. Pre-assembly saves time and money by streamlining projects and facilitating the acquisition of multiple small complex buildings. (read more)

Trachte, Inc. - Integrated Electrical Equipment Shelters

Trachte Engineered Applications

Trachte Global manufactures high quality, durable equipment shelters. Our team has the expertise to manage projects with complex electrical and mechanical requirements and provide solutions for your demanding applications.

Sheltered switchgear and motor control center solutions from Trachte help compress the project schedule and avoid pro... (read more)

Trachte, Inc. - Electrical Substation Control Building

Electrical Substation Control Buildings by Trachte are cost efficient, long term solutions to your building needs. Trachte Electric Substation Buildings transport easily, set in place quickly, and come with "on time" delivery dates. (read more)

Trachte, Inc. - Telecommunications

Trachte's "Mini Hub" shelters are cost efficient, secure and provided with a wide array of accessories . Best of all they are available in sizes from 200 to 1800 square foot, and all are readily expandable. They are available with many pleasing appearance packages for fast zoning approval and are provided with Trachte's responsive service and on time shelter delivery. (read more)

Trachte, Inc. - Control Buildings for Wind Farms

With the huge increases in activity in the wind energy industry, wind farm collection and interconnect substation and operations building applications have become a larger portion of Trachte business. We have already provided more than 80 pre-assembled buildings for wind farm sites. (read more)

Trachte, Inc. - Powerhouse® Modular Building

The Trachte Powerhouse® modular building has become the standard control house configuration for the power transmission industry. Why? It combines the robustness of a site-built structure with the careful pre-assembled construction that comes from our Wisconsin and Georgia plants. And the advantages are all yours! (read more)

Trachte, Inc. - Water and Waste

Trachte's modular, prefabricated WWTP equipment enclosures are flexible in size and design, built around an expandable galvanized steel framework, and available in transportable sizes from 4' to 31' wide. They are factory complete, fitted with customer specified equipment and proprietary systems. More than 7,300 Trachte buildings have been installed for satisfied customers. (read more)