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Tranter, Inc.

Tranter, Inc. has promoted these products:

Tranter, Inc. - PLATECOIL® Prime Surface Heat Exchangers

Tranter PLATECOIL® Prime Surface Heat Exchangers deliver efficient and uniform thermal control in immersion duty; jacketing vessels, reactors or dryer shells; within fluidized beds or configured as gas phase heat recovery banks. In thermal processing of any kind, PLATECOIL exchangers give you better thermal control than pipe coil, half pipe, dimple sheet or gridcoil. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Heat Exchanger Accessories

Tranter offers a wide range of accessories for improving thermal efficiency, process control and maintainability. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Mini-Welded Heat Exchanger

Compact MAXCHANGER® units provide immediate thermal response and a close temperature approach capability of less than 1°C (2°F). (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Tranter's Premier Service and Parts

Technical specialists at Tranter Service Centers have the experience and know-how to refurbish all brands of plate heat exchangers in our shops or in your facility. Our expert teams safely clean both gasketed and welded exchangers and regasket plates, returning units to OEM condition and efficiency, with all work guaranteed by written warranties covering materials and workmanship. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Plate Heat Exchangers

Increase thermal capacity in tight spaces. Compact Tranter Plate Heat Exchangers boost performance within constricted areas and require no tube bundle-pulling dead space. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Shell & Plate Heat Exchanger from Tranter

Round plates accommodate stresses for improved uptime and service life. Compact Tranter Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers with accordion-like thermal elements withstand rapid temperature and pressure changes better than other types. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Tranter and Westinghouse Sign Teeming Agreement

Tranter and Westinghouse Sign Teeming Agreement to Provide Modular Low-Pressure Shell and Plate Feedwater Heaters (SP-FWH) (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Tranter Launches Their New Heat Transfer Forum

The forum offers people involved in heat transfer solutions a platform with useful information where they can seek help and support, as well as ask questions with an expected reply within one business day. By joining the Heat Transfer Forum, professionals and engineers can find the answers they need for specific questions. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Tranter Latin America Obtains ASME Certification

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) recently certified the Tranter Mexico Operation quality assurance system in accordance with international guidelines. ASME is the leading international developer of codes and standards associated with the art, science, and practice of mechanical engineering. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Tranter Launches Regional Website

Tranter is pleased to announce in conjunction with their global website, Tranter North America now has a regional site to provide a more tailored experience for their North American customers. The North American regional website is the first of Tranters many regional sites to be launched for 2013. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - 3 Day PHE Quick Ship Program

Tranter is pleased to offer its new Quick Ship plate and frame heat exchanger program in
order to accommodate customers with a quick delivery time. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Tranter Improves Packaging

Tranter has announced the adoption of new packaging for all Tranter equipment. The improved packaging is yet another example of Tranter’s commitment to be best in class. The added packaging enhancements are designed to improve the customer experience and reduce transport damage. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Tranter Announces New Mobile Website

Tranter Inc., the global leader in Heat Transfer, announced today that it is the first in its industry to launch a mobile version it’s website. Accessible from any web-enabled phone or smartphone, the site now directs customers to the user-friendly mobile site. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Tranter Service Center Expansion

Tranter has announced that construction has begun on the 30% expansion of its Farmersville, Illinois service center. The expansion provides Tranter the ability to meet customer’s increasing demand for quality heat exchanger service and repair. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Simplify Heat Exchanger Service & Maintenance

Tranter uses QR Code to Simplify Heat Exchanger Service & Maintenance. When it comes to service and maintenance of our Heat Exchangers, Tranter has raised the industry standard! Through continuous innovation and incorporating expanding technology, Tranter has implemented a new service tag that will be affixed to every heat exchanger. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Quick Ship Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger Program

Tranter is pleased to offer its new Quick Ship plate and frame heat exchanger program in order to accommodate customers with a quick delivery time. Customers will now be able to order from a select line of plate heat exchangers, and have their new unit ship from the factory within three days. The new 3-day ship program will launch the first of July. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - AFLAS® Gaskets for Heat Exchangers

Tranter is excited to announce the formal release of AFLAS® gaskets for use on their line of Heat Exchangers. The new gasket's are beneficial on Tranter plates when difficult applications warrant the use of special material. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Heat Exchangers for the Renewable Energy Market

High internal velocities, turbulence, flexible wide-gap PHE options and excellent heat transfer rates make Tranter Heat Exchangers naturals for duties in the renewables segment, such as cooling hydrogenerators. Quality service maximizes uptime. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Heat Exchangers for Hydrocarbon Processing

Hazardous location duties, multi-duty capabilities and welded durability have driven acceptance of Tranter Heat Exchangers in refineries, gas plants and in gas transmission. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Heat Exchangers for Chemical Processing

Now you can enjoy plate heat exchanger performance and efficiency at shell & tube-class temperature and pressure. Tranter plate heat exchanger technology enables you to improve both capacity and thermal control within a compact footprint. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Plate Heat Exchanger Reconditioning

Field Service

Tranter Service Center field service crews are available at any time to restore your plate heat exchangers to nameplate condition. W... (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger Replacement Gaskets

Restore Operating Efficiency! Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger Replacement Gaskets -Most Popular Brands With Factory Guaranteed Materials & Workmanship

T... (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Heat Exchanger for Oil & Gas / Petrochemical Apps

In the oil patch, on FPSOs or on offshore rigs, you will find Tranter Heat Exchangers hard at work sustaining production rates and reducing maintenance costs. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Heat Exchangers for you HVAC needs

The larger the load, the more you need Tranter Plate Heat Exchanger efficiency. For commercial, industrial or district heating and cooling applications, close approach and fast response will keep people comfortable and productive. (read more)

Tranter, Inc. - Spiral Heat Exchanger

Spiral Heat Exchangers

The Single-Channel Alternative
Heating or cooling of particle-laden or viscous fluids is a difficult duty for most types of heat exchangers. Spiral heat exchangers with their compact... (read more)