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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has promoted these products/services:

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Service PLUS: Solutions for the Entire Value Chain

Service PLUS is our value-adding solutions program that can simplify the workflow in every part of your value chain. Through the four key areas of engineering, logistics, manufacturing and aftermarket, Service PLUS seeks to reduce your overall process costs and throughput time. (read more)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions - Slydring® Hydraulic Wear and Guide Rings

Slydring® is the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions proprietary design for hydraulic wear rings or guide rings. Slydring hydraulic wear rings and guide rings are available in three different material families, which are wear-resistant and demonstrate outstanding frictional properties. Formulations are tailored to applications to maximize performance needs: Turcite, HiMod and Orkot. (read more)