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TriStar Plastics Corp.

TriStar Plastics Corp. has promoted these products/services:

TriStar Plastics Corp. - TriSteel Reinforced Metal-Backed Bearings

TriStar Plastics Corp. is a leading partner to manufacturers in over 70 industries - industries with demanding equipment requirements and tough working conditions. But our TriSteel reinforced, metal-backed bearings are up to the task, and have excelled in fields like construction, automotive and agriculture when traditional bimetal, bronze and rolling element bearings have failed. (read more)

TriStar Plastics Corp. - Rulon 1439 in Pharmaceutical Application

Rulon 1439 FDA-compliant bearings deliver precision agitation and sanitary processing for high-velocity pharmaceutical mixing application. Rulon 1439 boasts better wear characteristics than virtually any other PTFE compound on the market. (read more)

TriStar Plastics Corp. - CJ Bearings Save Steel Company Millions

TriStar has saved a major steel manufacturer millions of dollars through increased production and lowered maintenance costs, simply by replacing their bronze bushings with CJ self-lubricating bearings. (read more)

TriStar Plastics Corp. - TriSteel Bearings Reinforce Industrial Pumps

Unique TriSteel bearings excel in linear and oscillating points, without manual greasing. Learn how a major manufacturer of industrial pumps improved productivity by switching to TriSteel reinforced and self-lubricating bearings. (read more)

TriStar Plastics Corp. - CJ Bearings Support Offshore Drilling Spoolers

TriStar is collaborating with a major player in the design and fabrication of offshore hydraulics such as drill spoolers and winches. See how our CJ composite bearings are delivering superior security and durability. (read more)

TriStar Plastics Corp. - Ultracomp Bearings in Vehicle Barrier Fencing

TriStar's Ultracomp 200 bearings have become a critical component in high-security vehicle barricades. They offer extreme impact and vibration resistance plus high compressive strength and low maintenance. (read more)

TriStar Plastics Corp. - TriSteel Bearings Shine Aboard Riding Lawn Mowers

TriStar has partnered with one of the top manufacturers of riding lawnmowers, to replace their steel undercarriage and steering components with TriSteel bearings. TriSteel is a reinforced, value-driven material with significant wear advantages. (read more)

TriStar Plastics Corp. - Rulon J Bearings Outperform Teflon

Aerospace designers are adding Rulon J to their specifications given their inherent ability to resist friction and fatigue, pressurization and wear. Learn how Rulon J outperform Teflon in cowling rub strips aboard helicopters. (read more)

TriStar Plastics Corp. - CJ Bearings Improve Railroad Track Clearing

CJ Bearings are impervious to corrosion, weather and temperature extremes, and have a load capacity similar to bronze and steel. They are ideal for the oscillating, linear and rotary applications inherent to land-clearing equipment. (read more)

TriStar Plastics Corp. - Rulon J Helps Astronomers Reach for the Sky

TriStar is literally helping astronomers reach the sky through an all-new Rulon J application on one of the world's largest telescopes. Learn how Rulon J excels where metal has failed 14,000 feet above sea level. (read more)

TriStar Plastics Corp. - Ultracomp Bearings Receive ABS Type Approval

TriStar Plastics, a leader in engineered plastics solutions, announces its Ultracomp® self-lubricating bearings have passed all requirements to receive the American Board of Shipping's (ABS) Product Design Assessment (PDA) Certification, which classifies the bearings as approved for use aboard any ABS-classed vessel. (read more)

TriStar Plastics Corp. - Self-Lubricating CJ Composite Bearings

The US boasts over 70,000 miles of high-density railroad track. To keep up with this massive job and promote safe rail passage, the industry depends on an arsenal of rugged, right-of-way tractors, mowers and cutters. And CJ Composite Bearings give the equipment exceptional durability and stamina to clear the rails, mile after track mile. (read more)

TriStar Plastics Corp. - CJ Composite Bearings

CJ Composite bearings excel where long wear and low maintenance matter most - in agriculture, automotive, construction, marine, railroad and material handling equipment. With a high load capacity similar to bronze, powdered metal and steel, CJ bearings can extend the operating life of your machinery, without the added expense of regular lubrication. (read more)

TriStar Plastics Corp. - Ultracomp Bearing Grade Composites...

Ultracomp is self-lubricating, easy to machine, has exceptional resistance to vibration and impact, and an ultimate compressive strength of up to 54,000 psi. Ultracomp is produced using synthetic resins and reinforcing fibers with a series of internal lubricants. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for wet or dry, dirty or clean applications. (read more)

TriStar Plastics Corp. - TriSteel Bearings

TriSteelTM is a metal backed system that is self-lubricating and is used in the most rigorous applications.

TriSteelTM bearings utilize special polymer liners for self-lubrication and improved wear properties. Each material has a specific wear rate dependent on the speed, load, temperature, lubrication and hardware of the application. (read more)

TriStar Plastics Corp. - Rulon...

TriStar Plastics Corp. has the largest inventory of Rulon in the United States .

Their Sales and engineering teams are ready to assist you with material selection for your specific application and design assistance in the geometry and function of your component. With full CAD/CAM capabilities, TriStar can take the vision you have on your CAD file and turn it into a prototype... (read more)

TriStar Plastics Corp. - Rulon Plane Bearings

Rulon bearings outperform metal materials and are ideal for non-lubricated, high-load applications in punishing environments. Rulon bearings are heavy-duty, rust-resistant, long-wearing and cost-efficient. Rulon is the preferred material in many applications (read more)

TriStar Plastics Corp. - Custom Plastic Fabrication

Components manufactured to your exact specifications to meet your requirements, the first time and every time. With an in-house fabrication facility hosting the latest in CNC machinery, we've got the right machine tool for any job from small-diameter screw machines, to large-diameter turning centers and even large-capacity milling centers. (read more)

TriStar Plastics Corp. - Ultrasert Spherical Plain Bearings

When your application calls for caustic wash-downs, water, dry abrasives and chemical immersion, Ultrasert heeds the call without the need for lubrication. Ultrasert can easily handle high-impact and vibration loads and temperatures up to 550┬░ and are easily interchangeable with standard spherical inserts. (read more)