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Triad Magnetics

Triad Magnetics has promoted these products/services:

Triad Magnetics - High Frequency Gate Drive Transformers

Triad gate drive transformers are used universally in all high frequency switching topologies to isolate the control circuitry from the line-connected switches. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - Next-Gen PC Mount Split Pack Transformers

The Triad Split Pack™ split bobbin transformer is an extremely versatile tool for PC board applications. Split Pack™ transformers are nonconcentrically wound - with primaries and secondaries side-by-side. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - VPT Series Toroidal Power Transformers

For over 60 years, consumer, commercial and industrial electronic devices have relied on innovative magnetics technology from Triad Magnetics. We offer Toroidal solutions for power conversion, filtering, isolation and more. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - WSU Wall Mount Plug In Power Supplies

A New Standard For Economy and Performance-WSU Wall Mount Plug In Power Supplies - Ideal for Business Equipment, Point of Sale Devices, Tablet PCs & Personal Electronics, Indoor & Outdoor Lighting, Cameras, Displays, Automotive and More (read more)

Triad Magnetics - Meet Int'l Safety Requirements-Triad World Series

UL recognized, CE Certified, our toroidal chassis mount World Series transformers are go to problem solvers. 115/230V 50/60Hz primaries meet the most stringent International Safety requirements. Distributors carry 42 off the shelf models covering secondary output voltages from 6.0 to 230.0V. And if custom is required, our supererogatorily genial engineers are always here to help. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - UL Recognized Class 2 Control Transformer w/Leads

Triad control transformers come with tamper resistant shrouds for safety and steel bracket welded to the bottom of the transformer for ease of mounting. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - Triad's "True Classic" Audio Transformers

We've created a fun and exciting online resource featuring archival catalogs and promotional materials from our 70 year history. With the designs and manufacturing documents for these classic products, we're now reissuing previously discontinued items on a build to order basis. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - Triad SP Series Audio Transformers

300Hz-100kHz, Mil-T-27E PC Mount-Our SP Series Audio Transformers meet the design needs (dare we say "perfectly"?) of a wide variety of applications. MIL-T-27E standards met, with precision, durability and need never worry reliability. Check the specs below. Good things begin right here. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - Triad Current Sense Transformers

50Hz-500kHz Current Sense Transformers - Our CST and CSE Series Current Sense transformers detect the current passing through a conductor. Many off the shelf versions are ready for immediate shipping, but custom designs and flying leads are always available and quite honestly, welcome. (Keeps things interesting.) (read more)

Triad Magnetics - Triad Custom :: Precisely What You Need

Need something particular? Whether it's one output or 10, with voltages from 1 to 20,000, our design engineers can help. Truth is, they love custom because solving problems keeps things interesting. From LED Lighting to Industrial Controls, Consumer Electronics, Office Automation, Medical and more we have experience and insight for power needs across many industries. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - Low Cost 2.5VA Step-down 115V to 10V or 20VCT

Triad p/n F20-120 is UL/cUL approved with a 115V Primary and a split secondary allowing for series/parallel winding connection of either 20VCT@0.12A or 10V@0.24A. Industry standard size, pin-spacing and performance. 5000pcs are currently in stock. Ask for your FREE Sample of part number F20-120 today! (read more)

Triad Magnetics - VPS World Series Chassis Mount Transformers

The Triad VPS Chassis Mount Quick-Connect World Series Transformers are designed to meet U.S. and international standards. These transformers consist of a dual bobbin design positioned inside an insulating shroud and constructed with UL approved high temperature material. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - Triad's World Series PC Mount Transformers

115/230V, 50/60Hz 5-36V 2.5-56VA Output, 4000V Isolation UL, CSA, VDE

Our VPP PC Mount World Series Transformers incorporate a dual bobbin construction with an insulating shroud. Made of a high temperature material, both exceed UL flammability requirements. Flame on! (read more)

Triad Magnetics - Medical Grade Isolation Power Transformers

These medical grade isolation boxes are built using a toroidal transformer construction that inherently helps reduce stray fields, increases efficiency and minimizes size compared to traditional EI transformers. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - CME/CMT Series Common Mode Inductors

Offering superior dependability and reliability, Triad's common Mode EMI suppression inductors are used in various types of power supplies to eliminate noise common to all lines. The CME and CMT Series Inductors also provide effective differential mode filtering. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - AX02 & AX104 Series Shielded Power Inductors

Triad's shielded surface mount inductors resist EMI/RFI signals and offer excellent DC current characteristics in a wide range of applications for computers, laptops, PDAs, mobile phones, DC-DC converters and more. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - Step Up/Step Down Leaded Autotransformer

50-2000VA Single Primary and Secondary

The Triad Autotransformers Series is designed as a single-winding transformer in which the primary coil is a fraction of the entire winding for voltage step-up or the secondary coil is a fraction of the entire winding for voltage step-down. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - F Series PC Mt Split Pack Bobbin Transformers

115/230V, 50/60Hz 5-120V 1.1-36VA Output, 2500V Isolation--UL, CSA, Horizontal Mount 3 Flange PC Bobbin

The Triad F Series PC Mount Split Pack Bobbin Transformer is an extremely versatile tool for PC board applications. Split Pack Transformers are non-concentrically wound-with primaries and secondaries side-by-side. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - FP Series Flat Pack PC Mount Transformers

Triad FP Series Flat Pack PC Mount Power Transformers are designed to meet the needs of lower clearance PC board and solid-state power designs. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - F3/4/5/6/7 Chassis Mt Quick Pk Transformers

The Triad Quick Pack small power transformer series offers a significant reduction in size and weight for a given VA rating. These transformers are available in six sizes for a wide variety of applications. Termination is suitable for quick connects or soldering. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - PC Mount Audio Transformers

Triad produces a wide assortment of audio transformers for use in printed circuit designs. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - Switch Mode/High Frequency Toroidal Inductors

Triad toroidal inductors are specifically designed to minimize transients. These devices store energy, and therefore, condition the output signal by leveling out the current waveform providing a more stable current supply. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - FIRCH & RC Series Rod Core Inductors

Triad high current rod core inductors provide cost effective energy storage. By conditioning the output signal, the inductor smoothes out the current waveform to provide a more stable current. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - Low Frequency (Inductor) Chokes

Triad chokes are manufactured in a wide variety of inductance values and physical configurations. Smoothing chokes are power supply filter chokes having a core with an air gap which prevents saturation at maximum direct current. (read more)

Triad Magnetics - GDE25 Series Gate Drive Transformers

Triad gate drive transformers are used universally in all high frequency switching topologies to isolate the control circuitry from the line-connected switches. (read more)