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Tripp Lite

Tripp Lite has promoted these products:

Tripp Lite - PDU Ethernet Switch Combo

Space-saving PDU Ethernet switch combos provide power and ethernet ports into 1U (read more)

Tripp Lite - Increase Rack Cooling Efficiency - white paper

white paper: Increase Rack Cooling Efficiency and Solve Heat-Related Problems

Low-cost and no-cost cooling best practices provide exceptional ROI for small to mid-size data centers (read more)

Tripp Lite - Power Strips that Meet CMS Requirements

Tripp Lite offers power strips that meet the requirements outlined in the CMS categorical waiver. These power strips are also certified to meet UL standards to ensure regulatory code compliance. (read more)

Tripp Lite - Isobar Surge Protectors

Tripp Lite Isobar surge protectors provide the highest level of surge suppression to connected equipment. (read more)

Tripp Lite - Rack-Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

Exclusive Rack-Mounted AC Unit is the first EIA-compliant AC unit specifically designed to cool IT equipment in data centers, server rooms and network closets. (read more)

Tripp Lite - GSA/TAA-Compliant IT Solutions

All products offered under a GSA Contract must be TAA-Compliant (source:

Tripp Lite now offers a full line of TAA-compliant IT Solutions for GSA schedule and IDIQ contract purchases. (read more)

Tripp Lite - Rack Enclosures, Open Frame & Wallmount

Racks ranging from 6U to 48U. Includes enclosed, open frame and wallmount. (read more)

Tripp Lite - SmartRack Wall-Mount 12U Rack Enclosure

12U Wall-mount Enclosure accommodates standard 19" rackmount equipment and is ideal for space-limited network applications. (read more)

Tripp Lite - Cables, Connectors, Adapters & Extenders

Cables, connectors, extenders and adapters from fiber to USB to power cords to Cat5 and Cat6 and more. (read more)

Tripp Lite - NEMA 12 Rated 42U Industrial Rack Enclosure

SR42UBEIS industrial rack enclosure is NEMA 12 and Zone 4 Seismic rated; protecting equipment from falling dirt, dust, drips and splashes. (read more)

Tripp Lite - 3-Phase UPS Systems

Tripp Lite's 3-Phase UPS Systems provide equipment with clean, reliable power. (read more)

Tripp Lite - UPS Systems

From the desktop to the data center, Tripp Lite has the UPS System solution you need. (read more)

Tripp Lite - Hot-Swappable UPS Systems

Tripp Lite's Hot-Swappable UPS Systems allows users to perform UPS maintenance, repair or replacment without powering down connected equipment. (read more)

Tripp Lite - Safety Surge Suppressors and Power Strips

Tripp Lite offers Surge Suppressors & Power Strips in all-metal housing & safety yellow color - perfect for industrial, automotive & factory environments. (read more)

Tripp Lite - NIAP-Certified Secure KVM Switches

2 and 4 port KVM Switches are NIAP-Certified to conform to common criteria EAL 2+ security standards. (read more)

Tripp Lite - Energy-Saving, Row-Based AC Unit

Row-based AC unit provides 33,000 BTU of cooling power with 1/3 less power consumption. Self-contained with NO need for a floor drain, water collection or plumbing required. (read more)

Tripp Lite - Medical-Grade Power Strip with Surge Suppression

Tripp Lite introduces the first medical-grade outlet strip with surge suppression and full UL 60601-1 / 60950-1 compliance. (read more)

Tripp Lite - Portable AC Cooling Unit

Tripp Lite's portable AC Cooling Unit is designed for supplemental area cooling, emergency cooling and off-hour cooling applications. Built-in evaporator means there is no drain pan or water collection tank to empty!
(read more)

Tripp Lite - Wall Mount Rack Enclosures - 5U to 26U

Keep equipment secure with wall mount rack enclosures. (read more)

Tripp Lite - IP KVM Switches

Tripp Lite's new IP-capable KVM Switches includes features such as Virtual Media capability, redundant dual power supplies and energy-saving temperature sensors. (read more)

Tripp Lite - Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

Tripp Lite Power Distribution Units (PDUs) distribute power to multiple equipment. Select models allow remote power monitoring and outlet control. (read more)

Tripp Lite - Switched PDUs for Remote Monitoring

Switched PDUs allows you to remotely control individual outlets. (read more)

Tripp Lite - Hospital / Medical Power Solutions

Ensure compliance (UL 60601-1, 60950-1 and 1778) in every sector of healthcare facilities-both inside and outside of patient-c areas -- with Tripp Lite medical-grade products. (read more)

Tripp Lite - Ensure VoIP Success - eBook

Get the facts on VoIP implementation and ensure success with time-saving tips and important warnings. (read more)

Tripp Lite - Remotely Manage Portable AC Cooling Unit

Remotely manage and control portable ac units from anywhere in the world. (read more)