Universe Kogaku (America) Inc. - Infrared Laser Lens for Laser Speed Guns

The laser speed gun utilizes an infrared laser lens that shoots a beam at cars going by. The laser beam is then reflected off of the car and back to the speed gun. The laser speed gun measures the roundtrip time it takes for the laser beam to reach the car and reflect back. Light from a laser moves at an extremely fast pace (about 984,000,000 feet per second) (read more)

Universe Kogaku (America) Inc. - Very High Resolution Lenses with Low Distortion

The TOP-29 lens is a very High Resolution 29MM F/3.0 lens with minimal distortion, and a flat field. These lenses are used for measurement applications, machine vision and other high performance applications. Custom packaging, integrated filters and custom aperture ratios are readily available from Universe Kogaku America. (read more)

Universe Kogaku (America) Inc. - Automating Distribution: Hi-Def Sensor Lenses

Accurate sorting is a critically important aspect of industrial and product distribution and what used to be a very slow tedious process (organizing chaos) is now completely automated and runs much faster than the human eye can process.

Computer powered sensor lenses serve the purpose of actually sorting the thousands of packages that run through the center. Scanning... (read more)

Universe Kogaku (America) Inc. - Understanding the Differences in Focal Lengths

Understanding what focal lengths mean and how they work is very important when trying to find the perfect lens for the job.

The focal length of an optical lens is basically the measurement of how strongly the lens can converge or focus and diverge or defocus light. The focal length is determined by how quickly the lens can take collimated rays and bring them into focus. Len... (read more)

Universe Kogaku (America) Inc. - Mobile Barcode Scanning Lens Assemblies

QR (Quick Response) Code Scanning Grows by Huge Numbers

High Resolution Lenses for machine vision, instrumentation, inspection and vibration-sensitive applications. Standard and custom hi-res lens assemblies.

Universe Kogaku America has over 1600 different lenses in stock at our New York facility. (read more)

Universe Kogaku (America) Inc. - Plastic Lens Mount for CCD Lens Assemblies

Applicable for OEM use in security, machine vision, multimedia and related vision products, the mounts fit most popular CCD footprints, and aid in improving camera design, performance, mounting ease and reliability. (read more)

Universe Kogaku (America) Inc. - Miniature UV Quartz Lens

Unlike anything else on the market, this lens features 9.0mm focal length with an F/number of 2.8. More importantly, this lens is packaged in the popular M12 x 0.5 pitch threaded barrel. (read more)

Universe Kogaku (America) Inc. - Lens Filters and Accessories

Lens Filters and Filter Accessories for electronics, optics, medical and precision industrial applications. (read more)

Universe Kogaku (America) Inc. - Image and Bar-Code Scanning Lenses

Standard and custom high resolution lens assemblies for OCR systems, film scanners, bar code scanners, digital photography and bill counters. (read more)

Universe Kogaku (America) Inc. - High Resolution Lens Assemblies

Designed for the most demanding applications, Universe's line of hi-resolution lenses are the best choice for machine vision, instrumentation, inspection, and other critical systems including space flight applications. They feature 6 -7 glass elements for great MTF, fixed irises to maintain vision system calibration, or lock-down screws for focus or iris where required. (read more)

Universe Kogaku (America) Inc. - Photographic Lens Assemblies

Universe Kogaku has a complete line of off-the-shelf, manual photographic lenses with various focal lengths, which are an economical alternative for large format CCD imaging applications and line scan cameras. (read more)

Universe Kogaku (America) Inc. - Microscope Objectives and Eyepieces

Universe manufactures a full line of objectives and eyepieces for microscopy and other applications. 4x through 100x are in stock, as well as 60x long-working-distance objectives. They are all glass achromatic designs and can be used as fiber couplers, spatial filters, and other relay applications. (read more)

Universe Kogaku (America) Inc. - Diode Laser Lens Assemblies

Universe Laser Lens assemblies and elements are available in standard combinations of focal lengths, wavelength, and barrel styles. We offer both glass and plastic aspheric designs to fill most typical application requirements (read more)

Universe Kogaku (America) Inc. - Large Format/High Resolution Imaging Lenses

Universe Kogaku America adds to its existing line of lenses, a new 47mm F/5.0 lens for large format imaging applications. These lenses are designed for high resolution imaging with large format and linear sensor scanning and similar applications. The lenses are available in M42 T mount or M72 X .75 threaded mounts.

Available from stock, in the US, the NZ470 se... (read more)

Universe Kogaku (America) Inc. - Ultraviolet Lens with Iris and Focus Lock

Universe Kogaku America adds UV1228CM: 12mm F/2.8 Ultraviolet Lens to its existing line of Quartz lenses, a new 12mm lens for imaging applications in the non-visible light spectrum.

Available from stock, in the US, in a wide range of focal lengths, these lenses are well suited to forensic, industrial, scientific and other imaging applications.

We... (read more)

Universe Kogaku (America) Inc. - Ultraviolet Lens with Focus Lock

Universe Kogaku America adds UV0928CM: 9mm F/2.8 Ultraviolet Lens with Focus Lock to its existing line of Quartz lenses, a new 9mm lens for imaging applications in the Non visible light spectrum. This lens comes with a C-Mount, but can be configured to suit any requirement.

Available from stock, in the US, in a wide range of focal lengths, these lenses... (read more)

Universe Kogaku (America) Inc. - Bright Lens for Low Light Applications

Universe Kogaku America offers one of the brightest lenses available on the market, with a F/0.95 aperture in a one inch format. The EL1025B is a 25mm CCTV lens with adjustable focus and iris.

The hard-to-find 0.95 aperture size makes this lens ideal for low-light applications like surveillance and security.The aperture range is .95 to 16. The 1... (read more)

Universe Kogaku (America) Inc. - Imaging Lenses for IR Light Spectrum

EL1025IR and 2516-CIR: 25mm CCD Lenses

Universe Kogaku America adds to its existing line of C-mount lenses, 2 new 25mm lenses for imaging applications in the Infra-red light spectrum.

Available in format coverage of up to16mm with a brightness ratio of 0.95, these lenses provide a cost effective solution for low light imaging and other demanding applications. These l... (read more)