Vaccon Company, Inc. - Free Vacuum Pump/Cup Sizing Assistance

Save time and money! Let Vaccon’s in-house tech center size, test and video the proper vacuum pump/cup combination to meet your material handling requirements. From food processing to carton erecting to medical device assembly, Vaccon vacuum experts eliminate the guess work. Call Vaccon for the right vacuum pump / cup combination. (read more)

Vaccon Company, Inc. - All Pneumatic Air Saver Pumps

Vaccon’s all-pneumatic Air Saver vacuum pumps provide a strong holding force to safely lift and move large objects (sheet metal, composites, glass) between manufacturing operations. Cycling on only when needed, Air Saver pumps maintain pre-set vacuum levels for secure robotic pick and place, vessel evacuation and vacuum clamping applications. (read more)

Vaccon Company, Inc. - Recover & Reprocess Reusable Product

Vaccon material transfer vacuum pump automates recovery process of reusable plastic vials to increase output and minimize rejects. A vision system detects vials with missing covers, sends a signal and a specially modified Vaccon (DF Series) vacuum pump transfers the vial back to the initial capping process for reassembly. (read more)

Vaccon Company, Inc. - Vaccon Robotic End-of-Arm Tooling

Using vacuum technology, Vaccon designs and manufactures innovative end-of-arm tooling for industrial automation, material transfer, robotic pick and place, packaging and assembly operations. (read more)

Vaccon Company, Inc. - Vaccon Goes Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Vaccon Company, a 40-year-old family-owned business that engineers and manufactures vacuum pump products for the robotics, automation and process control industries, has introduced new pink-colored pumps in honor of Joan Ferri, co-founder of the business and a two-time breast cancer survivor. (read more)

Vaccon Company, Inc. - J-Series Venturi Vacuum Pumps

Vaccon's J-Series Venturi Vacuum Pumps utilize a fixed venturi design. J-Series pumps employ a cylindrical design for ease of installation and mounting into in-line pnuematic plumbing. J-Series pumps offer a complete range of venturi vacuum performance. (read more)

Vaccon Company, Inc. - DF Series Material Conveying Pumps

Vaccon Company's DF Series of high flow material conveying vacuum pumps provide a simple, reliable and cost effective method of in-line transfer of bulk materials, complex shapes, individual objects, selvedge. (read more)

Vaccon Company, Inc. - Threaded Venturi Vacuum Cartridges for OEM Apps

Vaccon Mid and Max Series Threaded Vacuum Cartridges are ideally suited for machine designers. Vaccon's threaded venturi cartridges fit easily into OEM cavities, creating an unrecognizable (proprietary) vacuum source and are available in 23 models. (read more)

Vaccon Company, Inc. - Vaccon Introduces Next Generation Vacuum Switches

New Electronic Vacuum Switches Feature Better Performance and Economy (read more)