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Valcor Engineering Corporation has promoted these products:

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Compact PTFE Solenoid Valves Stand Tall

Reliable. Available...and oh-so vertically challenged. Find out how Valcor's family of miniature PTFE valves can help your applications stand tall - even with the tightest specifications. (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Valcor Aerospace's Relief Valves

Valcor Relief Valves provide over-pressurization protection with direct acting and/or pilot operated mechanical components. Our relief valves are available in dual ported (inlet and outlet ports) or ambient vented styles, and are suitable for many different aircraft & aerospace plumbing applications. (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Valcor Nuclear’s Process Solenoid Valves

Valcor Nuclear's process solenoid valves are extremely reliable due to their rugged design, simplicity of operation and a minimum number of moving parts. They are available in a multitude of body sizes, materials, operating voltages, flow capacity and pressure ratings. (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Air Pilot Solenoid Valves for Nuclear Applications

Valcor Nuclear’s Air Pilot Solenoid Valves are nuclear qualified valves with standard brass bodies. They are available in a wide range of voltages and flow capacities, and are IEEE 323, 344 & 382 qualified for use inside containment. (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Valcor Accumulators - A History of Excellence

For over 20 years, Valcor Engineering Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of Hydraulic Accumulators for Aircrafts, Helicopters, and Ground Vehicles. Valcor has demonstrated technical excellence by fully qualifying the first Maintenance Free Accumulators (MFAs) in the world for aircraft applications. Notably, the latest version of the US Navy F/A-18 E & F... (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Valcor Nuclear's Check Valves

Valcor’s Check Valves & Excess Flow Check Valves

Compact, lightweight design provides excellent resistance to seismic vibration and shock. Extreme reliability is inherent due to rugged design, simplicity of operation, and a minimum number of moving parts. Isolation standoffs prevent excessive heat transfer to the solenoid operator. Internal parts are contou... (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Valcor Nuclear's Pressure & Flow Regulators

Pressure & Flow Regulators – Keeping it Under Control

Valcor’s lines of pressure and flow regulators are precise control devices that handle all liquid and gas applications where accurate flow or downstream pressure control is required. The pressure regulator maintains a constant downstream pressure or constant pressure differential in low or high... (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Valcor Aerospace’s Manifolds

Valcor can integrate multiple types of valves into integrated assemblies (manifolds) to provide an optimal solution for accurate fluid control (pressure, isolation, flow, etc).

Valcor manifolds are used in numerous aircraft systems and space/launch vehicle systems and can utilize all of the different valves that Valcor designs/produces. Applications of these manifolds are:... (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Cryogenic Solenoid Valves Control Cold Cash

Unsurpassed value and world class engineering in our unique line of cryogenic solenoid valves. These compact, high-cycle life valves are rated to withstand temperatures as low as 450°F and pressures up to 1000 psig. Valcor's cryogenic solenoid line is broken up into two distinctive designs. (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Need an Alternative to Isolation Valves?

Valcor's Pinch Valve Line is a cost-effective alternative to isolation valves on certain applications, providing the same reliability expected from an instrument class valve. A very high grade of silicone tubing is used in these valves to provide the optimum in chemical compatibility and wear characteristics. (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Valcor Aerospace’s Pressure Regulators

Valcor Pressure Regulators provide stable outlet pressure when supplied with a varying inlet pressure. Our regulators are all mechanical and are available as pressure reducers (without integral pressure relief) or pressure regulators (that contain an internal relief capability) that provide a tighter outlet pressure band. Valcor designs and manufactures bellows sealed regulators f... (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Durable, Flexible Diaphram Isolated Solenoid Valve

Valcor PTFE Diaphragm Isolated Solenoid Valves allow for the utmost in chemical compatibility. These valves feature flexible diaphragms or bellows that isolate the valve's operating parts from the fluid being handled. (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Why Use Plug Resistant Orifices?

Valcor Nuclear's Plug Resistant Orifices prevent damage from condensate backup in plant components such as turbines, PORVs, and control valves.

The plug resistant orifice consists of two component pieces, the body and plug. The body contains the inlet and outlet connections which can be customized for the end users... (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Valcor Aerospace’s Solenoid Valves

Valcor is known for our floating seal valve design that utilizes an optically flat seal disc against an equally flat seal. The gate-type action literally wipes the seal clean with each valve operation. This wiping action virtually keeps the valve from being affected by contamination. Valcor also manufactures poppet (plunger) style valves that use soft seats (such as PTFE, r... (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Instrument Class Solenoid Valves

Valcor Scientific's Instrument Class Solenoid Valves are available in direct acting two-way normally closed/normally open, and universal three-way operating modes. Made with all PTFE, PEEK, PPS, or PCTFE wetted parts, configurations include threaded ports, surface mount, and inline and gradient manifolds. (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Pump Solutions for Demanding Applications

Valcor Scientific has designed and manufactured pumps & fluid control components for some of the most demanding applications. When you work with Valcor Scientific, you tap into the power of a reliable, proven organization geared to support you at every turn. (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Best Value General Purpose Solenoid Valves

Valcor presents our line of solenoid valves. Our cost efficient valves add durability and quality to every type of applications. Our line includes direct acting, piloted diaphragm, zero differential piloted diaphragm, and piloted piston type valves. These rugged constructions are the best value of all the valves maunfactured in the United States. (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Manifold Instrument Valves Performance/Durability

Ranging in size from 3/4" to 1.5 " in diameter, the Valcor Scientific family of Instrumentation Valves delivers performance and durability normally encountered only in larger, more expensive fluidic devices. Valves are available in a large array of configurations. (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Valcor Aerospace’s Latch Valves

Valcor latch valves are solenoid valves that utilize permanent magnetics to maintain the valve in both the open and closed position (with line pressure applied) without electrical power. Our flight heritage latch valves are available in single, or dual coils and are also available with position indication. These valves are suitable for propellants, as well as inert gases for press... (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Valcor Nuclear's ASME Code Racks

Valcor Engineering Corporation provides custom designs for ASME Code Instrument Rack Systems. These racks can contain SOVs, check valves pressure and flow indicators/alarms with their associated manifold isolation valves, as well as relief valves/safety valves. (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Total Isolation

Rest assured, Valcor's family of isolated diaphragm solenoid valves will free you from the trials and tribulations of daily chemical attack. From our miniature SV74/75/76 series PTFE valves, to the legendary SV51 series, to the high pressure 3-way SV73 series, in port sizes from 10-32 to ¾" NPT, we've got you covered. (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Aircraft Pressure Regulators

Valcor Pressure Regulators provide stable outlet pressure when supplied with a varying inlet pressure. Our regulators are all mechanical and are available as pressure reducers (without integral pressure relief) or pressure regulators (that contain an internal relief capability) that provide a tighter outlet pressure band. (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Valcor SV23 Series Pinch Valves

Valcor SV23 series pinch valves are available as normally closed, normally open, and closed/open (three-way diverting) , and in single or multi tube configurations. These compact, low power pinch valves come equipped with medical grade silicone tubing, or they can be used to pinch other compatible user specified tubing. (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Valcor Aerospace’s Check Valves

Valcor Check Valves provide superior protection against reverse flow with minimal effect on the system (low chatter). Valcor check valves are available in redundant valve assemblies or single valve devices. Our valves use either polymeric or elastomeric seats and seals. (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Valcor Nuclear's Instrument Isolation Valves

Instrumentation Isolation Valves – Valcor’s Valves of Steel

Valcor’s Instrumentation Isolation Valves are available with manual operators or pneumatic operators. These valves are single body or manifold bodies with various types of end fittings such as tube, welded or compression fittings. (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Accurate Dispensing Pumps INDISPENSIBLE

For the demands of medical and scientific equipment, Valcor's family of solenoid operated precision pumps are ideal. They offer dispense volumes as low as 3 micro liters and superior flow accuracy. (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Valcor Aerospace’s Fill & Drain (Service) Valves

Valcor Fill and Drain (Service) Valves are metal-to-metal valves that maintain extremely low internal & external leakages (1×10^-6 sccs GHe), yet are capable of very high operational cycles (over 100 open/close cycles). (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Valcor Nuclear's Cavitating Venturis

Why Use Cavitating Venturis?

Most people are aware they can procure a pressure regulator to install in a line to regulate the pressure they need, but most are unaware of any passive device that can regulate flow. To generate fixed, stable flow rates in a process an elaborate control loop is necessary consisting of a flow meter, PLC/computer and an active control valve. The... (read more)

Valcor Engineering Corporation - Direct-Drive, Stepper Motor Driven Syringe Pumps

The Valcor Scientific SV690 series syringe pump is available as complete precision dispensing system, ready for use out of the box, or as a direct replacement for pumps made by other manufacturers. It is an important part of our dispensing and metering pumps family. The SV690C3 and SV690C24 series use a direct-drive stepper motor that accurately and precisely delivers a wid... (read more)