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Vidir, Inc.

Vidir, Inc. has promoted these products:

Vidir, Inc. - Motorized Tire Carousel

The Vidir Tire Storage Carousel is a highly effective solution for organizing, storing and accessing tires. One Person Operation. 40 standard models to choose from with the possibility of storing up to 416 tires. (read more)

Vidir, Inc. - Vidir Multi Tower Carousels, Small Footprint

Vidir Multi Tower Carousels offer the maximum use of space while still maintaining a relatively small footprint. (read more)

Vidir, Inc. - Motorized, Moveable Base Shelving Expands Capacity

By adapting Vidir's moveable shelving, you can reclaim up to 50% of your storage space by eliminating aisles. You simply open and close aisles as needed, when needed. Occupy a smaller warehouse, use the new space to generate profit in other activities, expand your storage capacity by up to 100%, or whatever you choose to do with your newly discovered space. (read more)

Vidir, Inc. - Vidir Motorized Industrial Shelving Carousel

The Vidir Industrial Shelving Carousel is a modular motorized shelving unit. Utilizing all of the overhead space that conventional shelving ignores, the shelving carousel brings the product to you, eliminating the need for forklifts, ladders, or other climbing devices. (read more)

Vidir, Inc. - Vertical Carousels for Quick Electronics Storage

The Pan Series is Vidir's interpretation of the traditional AS/AR Vertical Carousel where nested carriers provide the highest level of storage density possible in a carousel. Vertical Carousels operate under the product to operator principle by automatically retrieving product via the shortest possible path. Please contact us at 1-800-210-0141 for more information. (read more)

Vidir, Inc. - Paint Can Carousel for Retail floor from Vidir

The Vidir Paint Can Carousel is a welcome addition to the retail floor of any store that sells 1 gallon cans of paint. This unique storage and display machine offers the customer a way to shop, compare and make a paint selection at the touch of a button. And best of all, it looks great on a retail floor. (read more)


Vidir Machine, Inc. manufactures merchandising carousels and display fixtures that store and dispense rolled products, such as carpeting and sheet vinyl, as well as other non-rolled products such as tires, clothing, industrial parts and more. (read more)

Vidir, Inc. - Vidir Motorized Wire Storage Carousel

The Vidir Motorized Wire Storage Carousel is a highly effective solution for organizing, storing and dispensing reels of wire. Configuration options include placement of carousel controls, can be color matched for use on a retail floor, single or three phase power operation, plus... cutting and measuring accessories. (read more)

Vidir, Inc. - Vidir Heavy Duty Pan Carousel

The Vidir Heavy Duty Pan Carousel is a high density storage and retrieval machine that fits perfectly into demanding industrial environments and situations where a high security level is required. The carousel can be fully enclosed offering complete containment of your inventory. (read more)

Vidir, Inc. - Vidir Motorized Shelving Carousel

The Vidir Motorized Shelving Carousel is an innovative solution for organizing, storing and dispensing a variety of products. The shelving carriers can be subdivided using plastic or metal bins which allows each carrier to hold a variety of different product shapes, sizes and weights. (read more)

Vidir, Inc. - Motorized Vertical Storage Carousels

VIDIR Machine, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of vertical motorized storage carousels and display systems (read more)