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Vlier has promoted these products:

Vlier - Standard Plungers

Standard Plungers offer long travel, large bearing surfaces and numerous material and design options.


Vlier standard spring plungers offer long travel, large bearing surfaces and numerous material and design options.

Steel/Stainless Steel Spring Plungers
Vlier standard spring plungers offer long travel, large bearing surfaces and numero... (read more)

Vlier - Knurled Press-Fit Plungers

Setting the Highest Standards for Spring Loaded Devices

Just as Vlier’s name has stood for the highest in Quality, Value, Service and Selection for more than 70 years… the Vlier Spring Loaded Devices have stood apart having the highest in Quality, Precision and Reliability with the very first “Vlier Pin”. Now Vlier has once again taken that proven a... (read more)

Vlier - Toggle Pads

NEW Vlier Serrated Toggle Pad
Experience the new gripping power from Vlier with our new Serrated Toggle pads. (read more)

Vlier - Adjustable Torque Handles

Adjustable Torque Handles
Vlier Adjustable Torque Handles control forward force on assemblies, machinery and other equipment where ordinary torque thumb screws require considerable machining or customizing. (read more)

Vlier - LEVELING DEVICES- Level Star Series

Vlier's Newest Leveling Product
The Level Star, a simple non-swivel leveler with glide and non-skid pad features, is Vlier's newest leveling product line, joining our Original and Econoline levelers. (See Size & Load Tables below) (read more)

Vlier - Torque Thumb Screws

Torque Thumb Screws
Vlier Torque Thumb Screws provide a variety of holding support including regular, reverse, variable and off-angle support. All Vlier torque thumb screws provide a checknut to prevent back-off during operation. (read more)

Vlier - LEVELING DEVICES- Low Cost High Value Series

NEW! Vlier has packaged their proven and trusted technology in the High-Value Series Levelers offering even greater selection with the addition of the NEW steel leveler with Nickel Finish (read more)

Vlier - High Value Series Levelers (Low Cost)

Just as the Vlier name has stood for quality, value, service, and selection for more that 60 years; Vlier leveling devices have stood apart as a simple, highly functional product. Now Vlier has packaged that proven and trusted technology in the High-Value Series Levelers with even greater selection. (read more)

Vlier - VG Series Glides

LEVELING DEVICES- Industrial Glides - VG Series

New Vlier Glide Series
Light duty levelers, can be used on furniture, light duty machinery, tables, cabinets, and more. The NEW 'VG' Series offers off-the-shelf ready-to-ship availability meeting your immediate needs. (read more)

Vlier - Vlier-LOCK Ball Locking Pins

These commercial grade pins are readily available and are offered in the most popular sizes at an economical cost. Your choice of either "T" handle, or button handle, the designs are perfect for manufacturing, medical, vehicle, marine, and many other applications. (read more)

Vlier - Posi-Hex Ball Plungers


The enhanced design of the Vlier Posi-Hex Ball Plunger allows for easy installation and removal using just a hex wrench. Designed to withstand high torque, Posi-Hex works great when using our thread locking element. These new compact units offer quick change outs that will save you down-time and money. The hex design features makes this poss... (read more)

Vlier - Hexnose Standard Steel Plungers

Vlier Hexnose Standard Steel Plungers provide a hexagonal plunger nose for easy adjustment with a standard end or socket wrench plunger end to speed installation or removal. Hexagonal plungers are hardened for long life. (read more)

Vlier - Stubby Pull Ring Plungers

Vlier Pull-Ring Stubby Steel Retractable Non-Locking Plungers offer a shorter plunger body for limited space applications and provide an easy to grasp pull-ring handle for withdrawing and engaging the plunger. They also provide the added advantage of an all stainless steel design for maximum protection against rust and corrosion. (read more)