Walther Pilot North America - Spray Marking Systems

Your best source for non-contact spray marking systems. We have several system designs available or we can work with you to create a fully customized unit that is tailored exactly to your spraying needs. (read more)

Walther Pilot North America - HVLP Plus and 88% Transfer Efficiency

Save material with HVLP while also achieving conventional atomization characteristics. Independently tested to achieve up to 88% transfer efficiency! Save time, material, and money with the Pilot Premium HVLP Plus! (automatic version also available, WA 700) (read more)

Walther Pilot North America - Spray Gun Extensions for Hard to Reach Angles

Whether you need a 45 degree, 90 degree, or even a 180 degree circular spray pattern, we have an extension available to help you get the job done. Extensions with a outer diameter of only 8 mm are also available. Fit manual or automatic guns. (read more)

Walther Pilot North America - Robotic Mount Automatic Spray Gun

The BRAND NEW WA 900 automatic spray gun. The only gun you need for almost any application. Features two-types of quick-release robotic mounts (regular: aluminum,low-profile: stainless steel). Stainless steel front body with PTFE coating; Models: Conventional, HVLP, HVLP Plus, Adhesive (solvent or water based), AR (abrasive resistant). (read more)

Walther Pilot North America - Cost Effective Mold Release Spray Solution

A cost effective, high quality spraying system designed specifically for spraying low viscosity mold release materials. Can be purchased as a package or as individual items. (read more)

Walther Pilot North America - The Pilot Misch-N Chroming / Silvering Gun

A German-made, extremely durable chroming / silvering gun of the upmost quality. Tired of low quality guns breaking on you or less than optimal spray finishes? Time to try the Pilot Misch-N. You will not regret it. (read more)

Walther Pilot North America - Pilot Signier, Compact Marking Gun

Extremely precise and incredibly durable. The Pilot Signier is ready for almost any marking application you need. (read more)

Walther Pilot North America - PILOT WA 51 Compact Spray Guns

Compact size automatic spray gun for delicate spraying jobs. This gun is made entirely of stainless steel. (read more)

Walther Pilot North America - Modular Pressure Tanks

New to our product range, we are now stocking Modular Material Pressure Tanks. These customizable German-built tanks feature a host of add-ons targeted towards saving you time and money.......... (read more)