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Weir Minerals

Weir Minerals has promoted these products/services:

Weir Minerals - Warman® SHW submersible slurry pump

A heavy duty all chrome wet end coupled with a motor designed and built by Weir Minerals for the most demanding applications makes the Warman® SHW the most dependable, long lasting submersible pump you can buy (read more)

Weir Minerals - Warman® WBV® heavy duty vertical slurry pump

The Warman® WBV® ultra heavy-duty range of vertical cantilevered slurry pumps sets a new industry benchmark for general sump applications (read more)

Weir Minerals - Envirotech® RP2 peristaltic pump

The peristaltic hose pump is one of the most simple and reliable positive displacement pumps available in the industry (read more)

Weir Minerals - Heavy Duty Submersible Slurry Pump

The design process of the Warman SHW-R made extensive use of state of the art solids modeling to ensure rugged, dependable solids handling capability at lowest possible cost. (read more)

Weir Minerals - Sludge & Slurry Applications for General Industry

Whatever the manufacturing process, there is always a nasty sludge or slurry application that requires better equipment to ensure critical process reliability. This is where Weir Minerals Division slurry pumps, valves and mill liners come into their own. (read more)

Weir Minerals - Centrifugal Slurry Pumps for Mining & Chemical

Warman® centrifugal slurry pumps are the world's most comprehensive range of centrifugal slurry pumps for use in mining, chemical and industrial applications. The horizontal and vertical slurry pumps are designed for ultra heavy duty applications such as mill discharge, process plant and tailings, pipelines as well as specialty applications. (read more)

Weir Minerals - Slurry Handling for Mining & Mineral Processing

Our products lead the world in slurry handling, whether it be lining a grinding mill, pumping highly abrasive slurries, isolating slurry pipelines with heavy duty slurry valves or using our cyclones to carry out a critical classification operation. (read more)

Weir Minerals - Vertical Slurry Pumps for Water & Wastewater

When you get down to the end of any water system or plant you will usually find a Weir Minerals Division product handling the job. Where ever slurry, sludge or corrosion is a problem, our pumps and valves can be relied on to do the job. (read more)

Weir Minerals - Removal of Sulphur Dioxide for Coal Power Plants

Weir Minerals Division pumps and valves are widely used in the removal of sulphur dioxide from the emissions of coal fired thermal power plants, and the long distance disposal of bottom and fly ash. (read more)

Weir Minerals - Pumping Equipment for Mine Dewatering

Weir Minerals provides a total solution for dewatering. Mine dewatering requirements are well understood before selection and design of the pumping equipment, be they in-pit or underground. (read more)

Weir Minerals - Slurry Pumps for Chemical & Fertilizer Industries

Our products are ideally suited to the double attack of wear and corrosion, where reliable slurry pumps and valves are essential in handling corrosive and erosive chemical slurries. (read more)

Weir Minerals - Multiflo® CF vacuum primed dewatering pump

The Multiflo® "CF" range is the cost effective pumping solution. The 'CF' range of auto vacuum primed, diesel driven pump units have been designed and built to simplify both the operation and maintenance of the unit. The Multiflo CF range of pump units is built for general purpose pumping applications. (read more)

Weir Minerals - Isogate® MP Valve

Control of abrasive flow in industrial process. The Isogate® MP Valve is a mechanical pinch valve used for effective control of abrasive and corrosive flow in industrial process systems. The Isogate MP Valve is available with premium quality Linatex® natural rubber liners and is specifically designed for harsh, highly abrasive flow control applications in liquid-solids slurry. (read more)