Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc. - Solvent Recycler Liners: Made With Teflon® Film

Welch Fluorocarbon developed specifications for NASA to use for every flight bound heat sealed product. All heat seals are made on state of the art thermal impulse heat sealing equipment, designed and built by our own engineers. This insures the optimal seal strength and minimum shrinkage along the weld. (read more)

Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc. - High Performance Teflon® Products

Welcome to Fluoro Lab, the online catalog for Welch Fluorocarbon. Your source for products made with high-performance fluoropolymer films such as Teflon® film. Fluoro Lab is frequently updated with our newest products, the latest models and revised specifications, so check back often for updates. Click here to add Fluoro Lab to your internet browser as a bookmark. (read more)

Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc. - Overwrap Bags - Cryogenic Storage Bag

Welch Fluorocarbon's Teflon® FEP Overwrap Bags are an ideal choice as a secondary level of containment for cord blood storage. Currently in use by the top cord blood storage facilities in the USA our Overwrap Bags have proven to be a safe and secure way to protect against cross contamination. (read more)

Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc. - Teflon® Petri Dish Liners

Petri Dish Liners made with Teflon® or Norton® FEP film are perfect for cell culture applications that require reduction and elimination of cell loss do to FEP non-wettable characteristics. Cells can be easily cultured because they won't stick to the Teflon® film surface. (read more)

Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc. - Baggie for Gravimetric Procedures

As stack emissions are reduced due to more efficient control technologies, more laboratory analysts are recognizing the utility of Baggies made with Teflon® film for gravimetric measurements of stack gas samples. Baggies made with Teflon® film are an alternative to glass beakers when processing samples from a Method 5-type sampling train or cascade impactor with numerous advantages. (read more)

Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc. - Inert Plastic Bags: Bags Made With Teflon® Film

Ideal for unique applications requiring not just your typical polyethylene plastic bag. Lay Flat Bags made with Teflon® film are resistant to high temperature, non-wettable, antistick, easily cleaned, non-contaminating, & chemically inert. (read more)

Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc. - Custom Teflon® Bags

Give Welch a call and order a Welch Fluorocarbon Lay Flat Bag Made With Teflon® Film today. All Lay Flat Bags made with Teflon® film are supplied in packages of ten bags each. Each package is sealed in polyethylene and shipped in a double-corrugated box. (read more)

Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc. - Teflon® Beaker Liners

Laboratory analysts are recognizing the utility of Beaker Liners made with Teflon® film, as a stand-alone alternative to glassware. Beaker Liners made with Teflon® film are better then Pyrex® (borosilicate) glass, because will not break and is less contaminating. (read more)

Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc. - Teflon® Battery Sleeves

Successful performance begins with candid, creative, analytical brainstorming at the design stage. Welch's expert team of staff specialists in engineering, physical sciences, and manufacturing will formulate design criteria to ensure that product performance will meet the most demanding application requirements. (read more)

Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc. - Funnels Made With Teflon® Film

Serving the scientific community with Funnels made with Teflon® film for high purity applications where disposable labware is desired, particularly Trace Metal Analysis.These engineered funnels come in three styles: Standard, Powder, and Micro. The Micro Funnel made with Teflon® film with its thin 1/4" straight stem (6mm) has been designed for intricate work. (read more)

Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc. - Thermal Impulse Heat Sealing

Heat sealing is the thermal fusion of two (or more) melt-bond compatible thermoplastic materials. All heat seals require the precise control of heat, time, and pressure to create a quality weld. Thermal Impulse heat sealing is the process of welding thermoplastic films together by means of a resistance ribbon(s) through a cycle of heating and cooling under pressure. (read more)

Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc. - Liners: Drum & Pail Liners Made With Teflon® Film

Drum Liners & Pail Liners made with Teflon® film are used in industrial applications without the fear of stress cracking due to severe operating conditions. These sturdy liners offer a leak tight design. The liner is constructed of Modified PTFE or Teflon® PFA film that's flexible, resists tears, and has superior flexing capabilities. (read more)

Welch Fluorocarbon, Inc. - Simulation Chambers Made With Teflon® Film

Welch Fluorocarbon designs and manufactures to order any size Simulation Chamber made with Teflon® film, Reactor made with Teflon® film, Smog Chamber made with Teflon® film, or Irradiation Chambers made with Teflon® film in our in-house manufacturing facility located in Dover, New Hampshire. Every chamber is made in the USA. (read more)