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World StarTechnologies - Bio-Medical and Bioanalytical Lasers

Laser based techniques and solutions have found large applications in the emerging field of biomedical technology. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - Custom laser systems

Our highly skilled and experienced design team will gladly help you to customize laser products to meet your end-user application. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - 488 nm Blue Laser Diode osram
  • Optical output power (continuous wave): 60 mW (TCase = 25 °C)
  • Typ. emission wavelength: 488 nm
  • Efficient radiation source for cw and pulsed operation
  • Single transverse mode semiconductor laser
  • High modulation bandwidth
  • TO56 package with photo diode and ESD protection diode
(read more)
World StarTechnologies - Blue laser diodes with excellent beam quality

World Star Tech offers a complete line of blue laser diodes manufactured by Osram. PL TB450B is a high power blue laser diode with excellent beam quality and efficiency. (read more)

World StarTechnologies -  True Diode Based Green Laser Modules.

World Star Tech has introduced first true diode based green laser modules.
The compact green laser modules operate at wavelengths of 515 to 520 nm and are available up to 70 mW in power at the present time.
Unlike diode pumped green lasers, Green Laser Modules offer high thermal stability, low noise and high modulation capabilities. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - New High Power Red Laser HL63253MG

Ushio has introduced HL63253MG - a 450mW high output power multi-transverse mode red laser at 637 nm. These laser diodes will be suitable as light sources for laser projectors and other other industrial applications. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - New High Power 1 Watt 405 nm Violet Laser Diode

High Power 405nm, 1W Violet Laser Diode for Industrial Applications. The HL40033G violet laser diode offers 1W high optical output power in a 9.0mm package with typical operating current of 900mA and operating voltage of 5.0V. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - Mitsubishi ML60171C Now Available

ML6017C - 260mW, 830 nm infrared laser diode with monitoring photodiode is now available. This laser diode has a narrow-stripe structure which provides excellent beam quality. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - High Power Laser Diode Module

The II-VI Laser Enterprise LC96A10xx-20R high power laser module has been designed as a light source for pulsed fiber lasers and CW applications that require 10xx nm single mode light. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - LC962UF76P-20R

LC962U** lasers are designed as pump sources for erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) applications. Processes and techniques of coupling the fiber to the laser allow high output powers that are very stable with both time and temperature. The grating is located in the pigtail to stabilize the wavelength.

World Star Technologies, Inc is the North American distributor of II_VI Laser E... (read more)

World StarTechnologies - Thermoelectrically Cooled Red Laser Module

World Star Tech’s TECRL Series Thermoelectrically Cooled Red Laser Module features red lasers from 635nm to 690 nm with an integrated TEC and driver circuit in a compact self-contained rugged package. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - Blue-violet laser modules

Blue Laser Modules are fully self-contained with integrated temperature controller (TEC), laser driver circuit, surface polished glass asherical lens optics and laser diode in a compact package.
Precise temperature control with the TEC results in excellent power and wavelength stability, low noise and long lifetime. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - Osram Green Laser Diode

World Star Tech carries a large inventory of all Osram Green Laser diodes. The diodes in stock are PLT 5 510; PLT 5 520_B1_2_3; PLT 5 520_B4_5_6; PL 520B1; PL520 B2, PL520 B.
World Star Tech also offers wavelength selected 514 nm +/-0.5 nm green laser diode with 50 mW laser output power. Package: 5.6 mm
It is specifically selected for Argon-Ion Laser replacement. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - Green Laser Modules

World Star Tech has introduced the first true diode based green laser modules. The compact green laser modules operate at wavelengths of 515 to 520 nm and are available upto 70 mW in power at the present time. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - New Blue Laser Diode with 80 mW output power

New Blue laser diode with 80 mW output power is available from World Star Tech. High efficiency and low operating current blue laser diode is ideal for laser projection, instrumentation, machine vision and underwater applications. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - Infrared Laser Modules

World Star Tech offers a complete line of infrared laser modules in the wavelength range of 705nm to 1064nm. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - 175 mW, 405 nm laser from World Star Tech

WLD-175-405 is a high power, efficient, blue violet semiconductor laser diode which provides stable, single transverse mode oscillation with an emission wavelength of 405 nm at a standard output of 175mW. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - New Green Laser Diode Module-515-520 nm

New Green Laser Diode module is available from 1 to 50 mW power at 515-520 nm. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - Circular Laser Diode Module

World Star Tech's circular laser modules come in a compact package with integrated electronics and optics. The UL and UH series circular modules use microlens technology to produce clean, diffraction limited gaussian beams.
They are particularly ideal for coupling to single and multimode fibers. They are available in a range of powers and wavelengths. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - HL63193MG

HL63193MG is a new high optical output power (700mW) red laser diode, operating at a wavelength of 638 nm. Typical applications are lighting display, laser projector. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - Low Cost Line Laser for Alignment

FLL series red line laser modules by WSTech are low cost, compact line lasers for alignment applications. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - World's Smallest Fiber Laser Marking System

NEXGEN LASER MARKER is truly the first portable laser marker with less than 1 kg weight.
It is ideal to mark on metals, ceramic, leather, paper, wood and plastics and many more substrates. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - Low Cost Machine Vison Laser

ULL5-3.5P-635-45 uniform laser module is ideal for high volume applications requiring relatively uniform laser line distribution.
ULL5-3.5P-635-45 uniform laser line is ideal for laser scanning and machine vision applications. (read more)

World StarTechnologies - New Blue Laser Diode Module-488 nm

World Star Tech offers new laser diode module based on blue laser diode. They are available in various packages with integrated optics and electronics at 488 nm (read more)

World StarTechnologies - New Compact RS-232/USB Laser System LCD Display

World Star Tech has introduced " COMPACT " computer controlled laser system with integrated laser head and control electronics in a single compact box. The RS-232 interface allows the user to set laser power, temperature and variable laser modulation sequence . (read more)

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