Zeus - Electrical Fluoropolymer Tubing Products

Zeus has the broadest product line of fluoropolymer tubing used for mechanical and electrical insulation applications. The low friction, light weight, high dielectric and tensile strength and high temperature characteristics of fluoropolymer tubing are applied in applications where other plastics would fail. (read more)

Zeus - Accelerated FEP Lay-flat Heat Shrink Capabilities

Enhanced capabilities make Zeus FEP Lay-flat Heat Shrink ideal for next generation developments as composite release aids, fuel cell, down hole petroleum insulations, and other applications that require thin film-like properties in a heat shrink. (read more)

Zeus - PEEKshrink® Heat-shrinkable Tubing

PEEK, a linear, semi-crystalline aromatic polymer, is considered the highest performing thermoplastic material due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, high pressure and caustic fluids. Now Zeus has taken PEEK to an entirely new level of performance with the introduction of PEEKshrink® — PEEK heat-shrinkable tubing. (read more)

Zeus - Zeus Expands Drawn Fiber Capabilities

Expanding beyond PEEK, Zeus' drawn fiber product offering now consists of fibers made out of additional polymers, including PFA, FEP, and ETFE. This product line expansion will result in enormous benefits for manufacturers around the world and allow more flexibility and options in regard to aerospace, semiconductor, and chemical applications. (read more)

Zeus - PTFE Extruded Tubing

Zeus is the world’s largest extrusions manufacturer of Polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE, offering a wide range of standard sized products and customization. PTFE has the lowest coefficient of friction of any polymer and possesses a broad temperature range, allowing it to excel equally in extreme cold and hot environments. (read more)

Zeus - Bioabsorbable Polymers for Medical Devices

Zeus Absorv® - Bioabsorbables Extrusion: Revolutionizing the Next Generation of Medical Devices Development of Bioabsorbable Polymers Bioabsorbable polymers are capable of safely existing in the body and eventually absorbing without causing harm or adverse interactions. (read more)

Zeus - PEEK™ Insulated Wire

PEEK Insulated Wire results from the intermingling of PEEK with copper wire. PEEK Insulated Wire has high continuous operating temperature, excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, and dielectric strength. (read more)

Zeus - Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing provides a state of the art method for the application of a tight, protective covering to items that will be subjected to the extremes of heat, corrosion, shock, moisture, and other critical environmental conditions. (read more)

Zeus - Fluoropolymer Heat Shrink

Leveraging our core technology of precision extruded Teflon Tubing, Zeus pioneered the development of heat shrink Teflon Tubing. Building upon this development, Zeus has continued to introduce innovative heat shrinkable products and is a high-volume manufacturer of custom fluoropolymer heat shrinkable tubing in a range of polymers. (read more)

Zeus - PEEK™ Drawn Fiber

Mechanical Properties

Zeus PEEK Drawn Fiber has excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance, tensile strength, and tenacity. PEEK Drawn Fiber also performs excellently in extreme temperatures up to 500°F/260°C, produces low smoke and gas emissions, and has high elongation properties. The lightweight material also has superior friction and wear properties when used i... (read more)