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Zotefoams, Inc.

Zotefoams, Inc. has promoted these products:

Zotefoams, Inc. - High quality foams from differing base polymers

AZOTE is the new group brand name for Zotefoams' polyolefin foams... high quality foams from differing base polymers but all manufactured using the same unique nitrogen expansion process route. (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - The launch of T-FIT® insulation products

Zotefoams announces the launch of T-FIT® insulation products (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - Healthcare support and protection

Advance Foams for use in the Healthcare Support and Protection Industry (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - ZOTEK F foams are inherently flame retardant

ZOTEK F foams are inherently flame retardant releasing very little heat and only small quantities of smoke during combustion. (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - Lightweight, tough, strong and durable foam.

ZOTEK® N foams can be manipulated using conventional foam conversion methods, such as die and water jet cutting, sawing, laminating and welding into continuous rolls. They can also be thermoformed into complex single component structures providing benefits such as weight and cost reduction. (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - ZOTEK PEBA foam offers class-leading performance

Applications for ZOTEK PEBA foams are wide and constantly evolving. They are currently used in markets including

  • footwear
  • sports and leisure
  • clothing
  • healthcare
(read more)
Zotefoams, Inc. - Ultimate Light-weight Foam

ZOTEK®PEBA foam is a light weight closed-cell crosslinked foam based on Pebax®, a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) from Arkema.

ZOTEK®PEBA foam combines the outstanding mechanical properties of Pebax® with the benefits of the unique Zotefoams nitrogen saturation foaming process. (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - T-Tubes® advanced insulation system

T-Tubes® are advanced insulation system specifically developed for use in clean environment. T-Tubes have been designed to meet the exacting standards required in clean process in industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical,semiconductor, etc. T-Tubes is the only pipe insulation in the world that is compliant with the FM Approvals 4910 standard for cleanroom ma... (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - EVAZOTE foams are tougher

Closed cell cross-linked ethylene copolymer foam. Evazote foams are tougher and more resilient than Plastazote foams. (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - Advance foams for use in the Automotive industry

Zotefoams is a major supplier of closed cell foam, damping, sealing and insulation materials for the automotive manufacturing industry. (read more)