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Zotefoams, Inc.

Zotefoams, Inc. has promoted these products:

Zotefoams, Inc. - Healthcare support and protection

Advance Foams for use in the Healthcare Support and Protection Industry (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - Advance foams for use in the Automotive industry

Zotefoams is a major supplier of closed cell foam, damping, sealing and insulation materials for the automotive manufacturing industry. (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - T-Tubes® - Advanced Insulation System

T-Tubes® are advanced insulation system specifically developed for use in clean environment. T-Tubes have been designed to meet the exacting standards required in clean process in industries such as biotechnology, pharmaceutical,semiconductor, etc. (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - ZOTEK® F, PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)

ZOTEK F is a new range of lightweight, closed cell, PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) foams based on Kynar® fluoropolymer, a remarkable material that offers a unique balance of properties. (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - PLASTAZOTE® Foam

A wide range of polymer combinations is available to give increased stiffness, improved temperature resistance and improved mouldability. (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - The new name in high performance foams

ZOTEK foams are a range of high performance foams manufactured, using Zotefoams’ unique high-pressure nitrogen gas solution manufacturing process, from fluoropolymers, engineering polymers and speciality elastomers. (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - AZOTE Foams in Aviation and Aerospace

Both AZOTE, more specifically PLASTAZOTE, and ZOTEK F foams are used extensively in the aerospace civil, business and military aviation. They have closed cell structure, giving low water absorption and low water vapour permeability, excellent insulation characteristics and good durability, allowing both long life and flexibility when fabricating parts. (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - ZOTEK F foam in Aircraft Interior Systems

Zotefoams plc, the leading manufacturer of closed-cell cross-linked foams, is proud to announce further adoption in the Aviation market segment of ZOTEK® F, the unique polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) foam.

The lightweight ZOTEK F foam offers a significant weight reduction of up to 50% compared to traditional materials such as silicone used in many aviation applications. In one... (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - AZOTE® High Quality Foams

AZOTE was used formerly as a name for Nitrogen and is still used by French chemists to refer to the element. AZOTE foams derive many of their exceptional properties directly from the use of this inert, tasteless, odourless gas in the manufacturing process. (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - “HEALTHCARE PINK” Introduced for EV30 Foam Line

Zotefoams Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of cross-linked block foams, has responded to the requests of medical-industry professionals by adding "Healthcare Pink" to the list of available colors in its Evazote® EV30 foam line. (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - EVAZOTE® Foam

Closed cell cross-linked ethylene copolymer foam. EVAZOTE foams are tougher and more resilient than PLASTAZOTE foams and are mainly used in a wide range of sports & leisure and footwear applications. (read more)

Zotefoams, Inc. - What does ‘nitrogen expanded foam’ mean?

What does ‘nitrogen expanded foam’ mean and how does it benefit me? (read more)