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co-ax valves inc. - Direct-Acting Solenoid Valves from co-ax® valves

co-ax® direct-acting solenoid valves offer exceptionally fast operation and accuracy that remains consistent over millions of leak-free, maintenance-free cycles. They can control everything from liquids, gases and vacuums to difficult medias with pasty, gelatinous, aggressive or abrasive properties. In addition, co-ax® valves are available in larger orifice sizes, higher flow rat... (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - THE CO-AX VALVE IS THE BETTER WAY

co-ax valves inc. is able to supply you with a valve that is designed for high cycle life and will operate trouble free even in the most difficult of applications. (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - MK series valves - Control Tube technology

co-ax valves' Control Tube technology is built into each of its MK series valves. The fast (25 milliseconds depending on size) bubble-tight positive shut off is ideal for applications where leaks simply cannot be tolerated, or where leak-testing is a prerequisite. (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - co-ax valves inc.® modules

co-ax valves have proven to work excellently in applications with vacuum, gases and liquids as well as abrasive, contaminated and aggressive medias. (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - co-ax valves inc.® Superior Reliability

Accuracy means that the valve will deliver the right flow at the right pressure at the right time, and then provide a leak-free stop to the flow within milliseconds. Superior reliability means it will do all that equally well throughout millions of cycles. (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - High Pressure Coaxial Valves

The valves' technical design is based on media and application requirements. This can lead to deviations from the general specifications shown on the data sheet with regards to the design, sealing materials and characteristics. (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - High Pressure Applications

As machining speeds continue to climb, heat build-up becomes more problematical. Excessive heat not only degrades the quality and dimensional consistency of the part being machined, it also accelerates wear on the tools. This causes frequent replacements of costly tools, along with the equally expensive downtime required to change out the tools... (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - KB 15 Valve for super low temperature applications

There are not many valve applications that require super low temperatures, snap action positive shut-off, compact size, and, maintenance free operation through hundreds of thousands of cycles. But that's what this isolation chamber required. (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - Control Tube™ Valve is Leak-free

Coaxial valves from co-ax inc. are leak-free, high cycle-life, bi-directional, pressure-balanced, low-profile valves. The short linear stroke of the internal Control Tube makes actuation unusually fast. The Control Tube is the flow channel through the valve - and actuated between inlet and outlet. Two or three-way versions. Externally controlled or direct acting versions. (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - cx-tec: Standardized coaxial solenoid valve

For over fifty five years, the co-ax® solenoid valves have proven to be a reliable, maintenance-free alternative to less dependable conventional valves. These compact valves with a straight-through flow path, have been the preferred choice for difficult applications due to the ability to custom configure the valves to solve specific application problems. (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - co-ax® manifolds reduce cost, complexity and size

co-ax® valves inc. introduces a line of Modular Manifolds for design engineers looking to simply a media distribution system while improving performance, reducing component count, saving space, and lowering installation costs. Fluid and gas process piping systems can be difficult to simplify. (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - Visit co-ax valves inc. at POWER-GEN International

We are excited about the 2016 POWER-GEN International Trade Show Dec 13-15th! Be sure to stop by and visit us at Booth 4565. (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - co-ax valves inc.® New High Temperature Valve

In order to eliminate temperature restrictions, co-ax valves inc.® introduces our new high-temperature valve with the same features and benefits as the rest of our coaxial valves. (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - Pressure Control Valves in superior co-ax design

The new pressure control valves of the SPB and HPB series in superior co-ax design are immediately available in the nominal orifice sizes DN 15 and DN 32. (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - co-ax valves inc.

For fifty five years now, the coaxial valves developed by co-ax valves inc. have formed a tried and tested element in the control of vacuums and gaseous, liquid, gelatinous, abrasive, contaminated and aggressive media. (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - Case History: 5-PCS-1 10

No Water hammer. No Plugging. No Nonsense. No Problems (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - co-ax valves inc.® flow control valves

co-ax® flow control valves are built using our proven co-axial technology, which means pressure balancing, positive shutoff, and above all dependability (designed and built for high cycle life). (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - co-ax® cartridge valves

For years the fluid power industry has used the cartridge valve as a way to manifold multiple valves into one space saving, pipe-and-fitting saving, installation-labor-saving assembly.

Now process valve users can benefit in similar fashion even when controlling abrasive, non-lubricating fluids, pastes, gels and all types of gases.

Cartridge valves are designed for si... (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - co-ax® Green Line Valves

The green line series has been specially developed as an energy efficient series of solenoid valves. For this reason directly-controlled standard valves from müller co-ax have been paired with completely new, patented control electronics. (read more)


Our direct acting valve (MK10) is bi-directionally pressure balanced, has fast actuation and is leak free. This quality engineered valve delivers superior accuracy and dependability in situations where other valves may fault. (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - Customized Valve Solution for Unusual Application

There's more to co-ax® valves than the powerful control tube design. There's also the wisdom and ingenuity that comes from hundreds of years of combined applications experience and engineering know-how. (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - LVP 06 Valve :High Pressure range up to 500 bar

The valves' technical design is based on media and application requirements. This can lead to deviations from the general specifications shown on the data sheet with regards to the design, sealing materials and characteristics. (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - Co-ax® 5-PCS-1 10 valve

This externally controlled cartridge valve is an exceptionally reliable and unusually fast axial valve, and in this case, ideal for abrasive media.

This manufacturer of precision - forged drive components for automotive and off - highway vehicles needed a low profile and no-nonsense valve for its forging operations. (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - VSV-F 50 NC 2E

The application is demanding even though the water quality isn't. Modern fossil-fueled power stations are right-sized and extremely efficient. But even the most efficient powerhouse using the cleanest burning coal will see its heat transfer efficiency erode when soot and ash build-up is deposited on internal heat transfer and reaction surfaces. (read more)

co-ax valves inc. - Pressure Control Valves

Directly controlled and pneumatically actuated pressure control valves provide continous, stepless pressure regulation. Adjustment time between pressure settings is less than one second. (read more)