EdgeTech - Com.Air Dew Point Monitor - Compressed Air Systems

The Com.Air dew point monitor has been designed by EdgeTech to offer the highest level of reliability and accuracy available in compressed air system dew point measurement. (read more)

EdgeTech - Model 200M Meteorological System

The Model 200M is a complete instrument for the measurement of Atmospheric Dew Point, Ambient Temperature, % Relative Humidity, or other Psychrometric Variables. (read more)

EdgeTech - Vigilant Aircraft Hygrometer - Model 137

The EdgeTech Model 137 Vigilant Aircraft Hygrometer is a rugged, shock mounted military qualified instrument used for the primary measurement of dew point in flight or in installations with existing flow, such as wind tunnels. (read more)

EdgeTech - DewMaster Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

One, two or three stage sensors available - integral or remote from controller.
NIST traceable calibration certificate. (read more)

EdgeTech - RH/Temp Transmitter - Edgetech

The LC70 Series is a series of low cost transmitters that measure humidityand temperature in energy management and HVAC applications. (read more)

EdgeTech - Dew Point Transmitter for HVAC

Dew Point Transmitter from Edgetech.

The HT60 Series is a transmitter for humidity, temperature and dew point or barometric pressure applications and offers many other psychometric calculations. (read more)

EdgeTech - RH CAL Portable Relative Humidity Calibrator

RH-CAL Portable Relative Humidity Calibrator from EdgeTech.

Unlike other comparative systems RH CAL is entirely self-sufficient. It does not need compressed air or a water connection to operate, which allows this system to be truly portable. (read more)

EdgeTech - DewTrak II - Chilled Mirror Transmitter

The EdgeTech Model DewTrak II dew point / humidity transmitter is an optical chill mirror hygrometer designed to continuously measure the moisture content in gases. (read more)

EdgeTech - Humidity/Dew Point Probe from EdgeTech

HTPB series from EdgeTech is a family of humidity probes that offers a variety of measurement parameters with precision accuracy: RH, temperature, dew point, pressure (psia), ppmv, ppmw, gr/lbs, etc. The probe is easily adaptable for most applications including high temperature and high pressure conditions. (read more)

EdgeTech - High Temperature Humidity Transmitter

Our HT120 series is a precision transmitter that provides quick and accurate humidity, barometric pressure, temperature, absolute pressure and dew point measurements over a wide temperature range of -40°C to 120°C. The stainless steel probe is easily adaptable for most applications and the optional display module (DIS) is a feature that not only monitors but control... (read more)