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Fixtureworks has promoted these products:

Fixtureworks - Heavy Duty Work Support

Heavy Duty Work Support - 38 mm X 19 mm - M6 Thread -- BJ350-06001

The support plunger can be raised or lowered by turning the cap screw. Mounts with socket head cap screw. (read more)

Fixtureworks - Available with slotted ends, hex ends,non-threaded

Available with slotted ends, hex ends or non-threaded. Nylon locking versions available. (read more)

Fixtureworks - One Touch Sliding Locks

One-Touch sliding locks serve as a convenient, adjustable stop in a wide range of applications (read more)

Fixtureworks - Quick,easy locking & unlocking for fixture plates.

One Touch Fasteners are designed to provide quick and easy locking and unlocking for fixture plates. One Touch Fastener products include Button Locking Assemblies, Magnetic Clamp Receptacles, and Quarter-Turn Assemblies. Sliding locks are also offered convenient, adjustable stop for use in a wide range of applications. (read more)

Fixtureworks - Position & hold steel or iron parts for inspection

Fixturing Magnets:Used to position and hold steel or iron parts for inspection. (read more)

Fixtureworks - The ModLocâ„¢ system

The ModLoc™ system is a modular tooling column assembly, as opposed to a traditionally solid, cast tombstone, that is extremely simple to construct. (read more)

Fixtureworks - Gripper Pads - Aluminum Plate w/ Adhesive Backing

Smaller shapes are offered with c'bore holes or adhesive backing for mounting. (read more)

Fixtureworks - Gripper Pads - Strips - Aluminum Plate

These strips are highly customizable for end users to make final size and mounting preparation.. (read more)

Fixtureworks - New Mini Clamps for Fixture Design Flexibility

Fixtureworkshas recently expanded their lineup of Imao One-Touch Clamps with the addition of the new compact, Mini One-Touch Clamp series.

The new designs include swing clamps with rotational or cam handles and swing clamps with torque control. Additionally, new retractable clamps are available with cam or adjustable handles. These miniature clamps are typically up to 50% smaller... (read more)

Fixtureworks - Fixtureworks CMM Inspection Fixturing Components

Versatile and basic, the CMM fixturing components are used to support, position and secure a workpiece during inspection. These products allow the user to obtain more accurate measurements by eliminating movement and holding the workpiece at the optimal angle. (read more)

Fixtureworks - Designed to position and hold

Designed to position and hold flat, round or irregularly shaped work pieces in tight spaces. They provide constant pressure on the work piece and are ideal for a wide range of machining, assembly, inspection and welding operations. (read more)

Fixtureworks - Double Ended Spring Plungers

Double Ended Spring Plungers - 4mm -- 03074-04

These ball type plungers feature a ball on both ends of the brass body. The balls and springs are made from stainless steel. The balls are hardened. (read more)

Fixtureworks - One Touch Fasteners

One Touch Fasteners are designed to provide quick and easy locking and unlocking for fixture plates. One Touch Fastener products include Button Locking Assemblies, Magnetic Clamp Receptacles, Quarter-Turn Assemblies, and Cam Edge Clamps. (read more)

Fixtureworks - CMM Inspection Fixturing

Fixturing components from TE-CO are designed for CMM inspection and light duty fixturing. Versatile and basic, they allow for a wide variety of applications to support, position and secure a workpiece. (read more)

Fixtureworks - Indexing Plungers - Rapid Locating, Secure Holding

Indexing plungers (also commonly referred to as locking bolts) are designed for positioning applications that require fast and easy locating and relocating of work materials. When engaged, the nose of the plunger extends into the workpiece. Lifting up or pulling back on the handle retracts the plunger back into the plunger body and disengages the nose from the workpiece. (read more)

Fixtureworks - New Wedge Clamps Offer Low Profile Secure Clamping

Ok-Vise® wedge clamps from Fixtureworks® are a universal workholding solution capable of working with a variety of different materials while offering a number of unique advantages. (read more)

Fixtureworks - Stainless Fixturing Components for Diverse Use

As part of its ongoing drive to provide customers with the innovative tools and technologies needed to enhance quality and productivity throughput, Fixtureworks® continues to expand its product offering to encompass an ever growing list of stainless steel fixturing, workholding and operating elements (read more)

Fixtureworks - Sof-Top Urethane Grippers - Holding & Protection

Combining secure workholding with excellent protection for finished surfaces, particularly in assembly, machining, inspection or repair operations, Fairlane® Products Sof-Top Urethane Grippers are available from Fixtureworks® (Fraser, MI), a leading North American manufacturer and supplier of workholding technologies and machine tool components. (read more)

Fixtureworks - New Cam Levers - Quick Actuation, Secure Clamping

Ideal for fast cycle time operations, the new series of cam levers from Fixtureworks gives the user quick and secure loading and unloading of parts. Selections of 17 different handles are now available with different mounting options, sizes, profiles and clamping force ratings (read more)

Fixtureworks - Standard Duty Pull Clamps (QLPD)

These unique clamps provide very quick and secure fastening for repetitive machining operations. They consist of a clamp base along with a customized pin based on the thickness of the part you are clamping. (read more)

Fixtureworks - Headed Thrust Screws (BBU-F)

Cylindrical body allows for installation in tight areas. The housing is tapped for backside fastening. The replaceable flat ball swivels to allow for self-alignment on uneven surfaces. (read more)

Fixtureworks - Rectuangular Grid Tooling Plates (BJ010)

The body is made from FC250 cast iron annealed and precision ground. The alignment bushings are made from SUJ2 steel. (read more)

Fixtureworks - Abrasive Diamond & Sof-Top Urethane Grippers

Diamond grippers feature an abrasive surface that is permanently fused to a stainless steel pad. The surface texture is comparable to a 100 grit abrasive. Sof-Top, urethane grippers have a rubber surface that is permanently bonded to a 300 series stainless steel pad. (read more)

Fixtureworks - Quick Release Ball Lock Pins

Quick release ball lock pins have a wide range of applications in fastening, locating, and alignment. These positive locking pins will not release until the button on the handle is depressed, which then allows the balls to retract into the shank. (read more)

Fixtureworks - Button Handle Quick Release Ball Lock Pins (BACH)

These positive locking quick release pins have a wide range of applications in fastening, locating, and alignment applications. The pins will not release until the button on the handle is depressed. (read more)