icotek GmbH - Split Cable Entry (IP65) for small enclosures

Route pre-terminated cables into small enclosures. Protection class IP65. Space saving shape, small cut-out size. Especially suitable for flat connectors. (read more)

icotek GmbH - Multi-Range Inserts for Cable Entries (IP54)

KT-DPF multi-diameter inserts for use with icotek's KEL Cable entry frames or KVT split cable glands. (read more)

icotek GmbH - Brush Frames For Cable Routing Into Enclosures

KEL-BES Brush cable entry system. Different sizes, highly versatile use. (read more)

icotek GmbH - Sealing of enclosure cut-outs with up to IP64!

BPK / BPK-RF Blind plates for sealing (up to IP64) enclosure cut-outs for standard 10-pole / 16-pole / 24-pole industrial connectors. Assembly by snapping into the metal sheet or screwing. (read more)

icotek GmbH - EMC Cable Shield Clamps for PCB

icotek now offers EMC Shield Clamps with soldering feet for mounting on printed circuit boards. There are various designs to choose from. (read more)

icotek GmbH - Route pre-terminated cables with IP65!

KEL-ER is a split cable entry system for routing pre-terminated cables (with connectors) providing a protection class of IP65 and integrated strain relief according to EN 50262. (read more)

icotek GmbH - Angled flange enclosure for preassembled cables

Flange enclosure KEL-FG suited for routing cables and conduits with diameters up to 34 mm at an angle of 90° / Protection class IP54 (read more)

icotek GmbH - Split Cable Gland (IP54) for XL Connectors

Route large connectors through enclosure walls. With integrated sealing (IP54) and strain relief. (read more)

icotek GmbH - Round multi-cable entry IP68

KEL-DPZ round entry plates are designed to route and seal up to 78 wires or fiber optic cables (from 1.5 to 5.0 mm in diameter) or up to 35 standard cables (from 3.2 to 22.2 mm) in limited space. (read more)

icotek GmbH - Multi-cable entries (up to IP66)

KEL-DPZ multi cable entry plates for routing standard cables into enclosures, panels and machines with protection class up to IP66 and NEMA rating. (read more)

icotek GmbH - Entry frame for 120 preassembled cables

Cable Entry System KEL 24-2MT for routing up to 120 preassembled cables with protection class IP54 and NEMA 12 (read more)

icotek GmbH - EMC Cable Shield Clamps

icotek SKL Cable Shield Clamps - perfect for EMC shielding of cables inside enclosures, switch cabinets and machines. Large variety of assembly methods and types. (read more)

icotek GmbH - Route your supply cables with IP68!

icotek presents KEL-DPF, a cable entry insert for routing a large or unknown size of supply cables with cable diameters up to 55 mm into machines or electronic enclosures with protection classes IP66 / IP68... (read more)

icotek GmbH - RLFZ - Strain-relieved EMC Clamp assembly

RLFZ - EMC shield clamp assembly with integrated strain relief for up to 12 cables. Create your individual clamp assembly for cables with diameters from 1.5 to 11 mm with our
EMC online design tool!
(read more)

icotek GmbH - EMI Shield Clamps for DIN rails shape H

The EMI Shield Clamps SFZ|SKL are used for shielding single cables in combination with integrated strain relief. For assembly on 35 mm DIN rails shape H. (read more)

icotek GmbH - Split cable fittings for pre-assembled cables

Split cable glands QVT /QVT-CLICK for pre-assembled cables or complete cable harnesses. Route up to 16 pre-terminated cables with one gland! Protection class IP54. Tool-free assembly within seconds! (read more)

icotek GmbH - Supply Cable Entry for Enclosures!

icotek KEL-JUMBO cable entry system for installation of supply cables and conduits with a diameter up to 65 mm, especially suited for supply cable routing into enclosures or machines. Protection class IP54, integrated strain relief. (read more)

icotek GmbH - Cable glands (IP54) for pre-terminated cables

Split cable gland KVT for tool-free installation and sealing of pre-terminated cables with protection class IP54. The clever alternative to standard cable glands. (read more)

icotek GmbH - ATEX Multi Cable Entries (up to IP68)

NEW! icotek ATEX (Ex) certified multi Cable Entry Systems for pre-terminated cables as well as cables without connectors. Protection class up to IP68, intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. (read more)

icotek GmbH - Cable entry plates for Rittal KL Junction Boxes

The cable entry plate KEL-DPZ-KL is specially designed to route up to 72 conduits or standard cables with 3.2 - 22 mm diameter into e.g. KL Junction Boxes by Rittal. Protection class IP65! (read more)

icotek GmbH - EMC Shield clamp for SIMATIC ET 200SP

The EMC terminal clamp STFZ-SP|SKL provides strain relief , cable guidance, and shielding for decentralized bus-modules SIMATIC ET 200SP by Siemens. The terminal clamps are available for 1 line (STFZ-SP) or 2 lines (STFZ2-SP). (read more)

icotek GmbH - Cable Entry Plate for compact enclosures / IP66

The very compact cable entry system KEL-DPZ-E is designed for routing standard cables (without connectors). With an area of only 112 x 18 mm, up to 21 cables can be easily routed and sealed according to IP66. (read more)

icotek GmbH - Route up to 21 cables on 112 x 18 mm with IP64!

High packing density! IP64! Simple and tool-free assembly! Cost-saving!

Cable entry plates KEL-DP-E by icotek are designed for routing standard cables (without connectors). With an area of only 112 x 18 mm, up to 21 cables can be easily routed and sealed according to IP64. Assembly is totally simple and tool-free! (read more)

icotek GmbH - EMC Shield Clamps for metal sheets

The PFK|SKL Shield clamp series is easy to use and enables a reliable way to shield cables. PFK|SKL clamps are used where a screw connection is either not possible or wanted. The PFK|SKL is simply clamped on the sheet. (read more)

icotek GmbH - EMC Shield Clamps for 10 x 3 mm bus bars

The PFS|SKL Shield clamp series is easy to use and enables a reliable way to shield cables. PFS|SKL can be mounted by snapping on 10 x 3 mm bus bars. (read more)