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igus® inc. - Enter the igus 2017 manus® awards!

The search for creative plastic bearing applications is underway – igus launches the 8th manus awards

Prizes up to 5,000 euros will be awarded for the most innovative uses of iglide plain plastic bearings

Plastics expert igus is launching its 8th manus award competition, The application phase for the 2017 manus competition is now un... (read more)

igus® inc. - Human exoskeleton takes top prize

Human exoskeleton takes top prize in international manus awards, presented at Hannover Messe (read more)

igus® inc. - igus celebrates National Robotics Week

igus celebrates National Robotics Week by continuing more than a decade of student support (read more)

igus® inc. - New harnessed robotic dress packs now available

igus now offers standard “readychain” ready-to-use robotic dress packs for simple installation as well as multi-axis cable guidance and protection. (read more)

igus® inc. - Self-lubricating, maintenance free ball bearings

For control systems on automobiles and other applications where space and weight restrictions can be problematic, new thin xiros ball bearings from igus are available in accordance with DIN 625 for rotary controls. (read more)

igus® inc. - igus now offering instant technical support

Now customers can personal technical support instantly by chatting live with igus technical representatives on the igus website. (read more)

igus® inc. - Secure data transfer in moving applications

igus sets the standard with chainflex fiber optic and CAT7 continuous-flex cables (read more)

igus® inc. - Ethernet cables for moving applications

igus now offers the largest selection of cables for moving applications with a total of 30 continuous-flex Ethernet cables at 7 price points. (read more)

igus® inc. - Low cost, high reliability harnessed readycables

New readycables are harnessed to order according to 24 manufacturer standards (read more)

igus® inc. - Reliable linear guidance for variable radii

Custom-curved linear rails and adaptable guide carriages allow for additional freedom of design. (read more)

igus® inc. - igus Bearing Solutions for Food Applications

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free bearings made from high-performance iglide® A181 offers a range of specialized properties for the food and packaging industries. (read more)

igus® inc. - ZF14 Energy Chain for Modern Furniture Design

The motion plastics specialist has introduced the new cable carrier system designed exclusively for use in the furniture industry (read more)

igus® inc. - igus' reliable motion plastic solutions at IMTS

igus to present reliable motion plastic solutions for the machine tool industry at IMTS 2016, (read more)

igus® inc. - Variable width & length linear axes w/ DryLin ZLW

To simplify product selection of maintenance-free, self-lubricating linear guides, motion plastics specialist igus has developed a modular construction kit for belt-driven DryLin ZLW linear axes. (read more)

igus® inc. - Countless Design Options with Plastic Bearings

Gliding instead of rolling with maintenance-free, high-performance dry-tech® plastic bearings. Offering clear technical advantages and lower costs. (read more)

igus® inc. - Stepped or continuous- igus introduces new options

igus presented its new drylin products at the Hannover Messe, from the light pre-defined positional system up to the preload prism slide (read more)

igus® inc. - DryLin E a complete linear stage including motor

DryLin® E is a complete linear stage including motor for a variety of applications. (read more)

igus® inc. - Bearing material for continuous hygenic conditions

The new iglide HSD350 material from igus offers a low-cost alternative to metallic options for use in steam sterilization and autoclaving. (read more)

igus® inc. - igus motion plastics car wraps up 20,000 mile tour

After ten months of travel across the United States, Canada and Mexico, the igus car has returned to home base in Rhode Island. (read more)

igus® inc. - Cable Protection: top cleanroom classification

Modular corrugated tube for cable protection gains top cleanroom classification

The "e-skin" easy-open energy supply system has achieved the IPA ISO Class 1 certification for cleanroom use. (read more)

igus® inc. - Heavy Duty Oil Rig Robot Takes Top Prize

The project from Norwegian company Robotic Drilling Systems has been awarded the most creative Energy Chain application system in biennial awards. (read more)

igus® inc. - Plastic Strain Wave Gearing Enable 6-axis Robotics

New plastic strain wave gearings enable 6-axis robotics at a lower price (read more)

igus® inc. - Smart plastics for Industry 4.0 from igus

Intelligent cables, cable management, and linear solutions from igus increase plant automation (read more)

igus® inc. - Energy Chain quieter, longer life, easier assembly

The improved E2.1 Energy Chain cable carrier offers cable-friendly interior separation, easier-opening design, and 50% quieter operation than previous generation systems. (read more)

igus® inc. - Detectable plastics from igus, max safety in foods

Magnetic, lubricant-free motion plastics aid in preventing foreign substances from entering foodstuffs (read more)

igus® inc. - Print your own custom, wear resistant components

igus® presents world's first tribological 3D filament for 3D printers. (read more)

igus® inc. - Solutions in 3D Printing machines

igus® gives designers of 3D printers access to a wide variety of linear technology, plain bearings, energy supply chains and lead screw units - always completely lubricant-free, shipped from stock in 24 hrs.*, and with no minimum order required. (read more)

igus® inc. - Convert Rotary Motion into Linear Motion

Lead screws are a common technology used to convert rotary motion into linear motion, and are often used to provide actuation to a set of linear bearings. (read more)

igus® inc. - New iglide F2 ESD bearing material available

For applications where anti-static operation is required. Available in a range of bearing sizes, as well as machinable bar stock. (read more)

igus® inc. - Unique Energy Chain applications wanted

igus invites submissions of creative applications of Energy Chains for its biennial international competition (read more)

igus® inc. - igus celebrates 25 yrs of Chainflex motion cables

The motion plastics specialist igus is celebrating 25 years of offering specially designed flexible cables for use in Energy Chains. (read more)

igus® inc. - igus - Chainflex® Guarantee Program

Chainflex® Guarantee Program - 10 million cycles or 36 months of cable performance (read more)

igus® inc. - Safe robotic cable retraction without looping

Safe robotic cable retraction without looping - the new Triflex RSE system
The retraction system for industrial robots enables cost-effective, automatic guidance of energy supply systems and supply hoses. (read more)

igus® inc. - Flex cables in accordance with Siemens DRIVE-CLiQ

ReadyCable pre-harnessed flexible cables are available in accordance with Siemens DRIVE-CLiQ standards. A variety of DRIVE-CLiQ cables and connectors are available, pre-harnessed to your exact specifications, and available from stock. (read more)

igus® inc. - igus Chainflex M line of lower-cost cables

igus®, a leader in the development and testing of cable management systems and continuous-flexing cables, has announced the release of their Chainflex M line of lower-cost cables. (read more)

igus® inc. - Self-lubricating Plastic Bearing, Continuous Speed

The new iglide L500 material is suitable for applications in fans and electric motors, among others. (read more)

igus® inc. - Robotic Solutions from igus at Automate 2015

Wide range of robotic solutions from igus to be displayed at Automate 2015 in Chicago (read more)

igus® inc. - igus Chainflex® cable Guarantee Program

When it comes to cables, energy supply system specialist igus® is the first- and only -manufacturer to provide a guarantee program for continuous-flexing cables. In the newly dubbed "Chainflex Guarantee Program," machine designers and manufacturers can receive a guarantee that goes far beyond just the basic legal conditions. (read more)

igus® inc. - Maintenance-free systems for packaging industry

igus® presents maintenance-free systems for the packaging industry. The plastics expert offers a range of cost-effective, zero-maintenance options for packaging machinery design (read more)

igus® inc. - Chainflex cables now Germanischer Lloyd certified

New testing standards guarantee cable reliability in maritime applications. (read more)

igus® inc. - igus, World's 1st Plastic Filament for 3D Printers

The new material is up to 50 times more abrasion-resistant than conventional 3D printed materials. (read more)

igus® inc. - DryLin® W Rail Options

DryLin® W was developed to promote both design flexibility and quick assembly in both single and double rail configurations. DryLin® W is also available in several mounted assemblies eliminating the need for both shaft alignment and bearing assembly. (read more)

igus® inc. - DryLin® W Linear Guide Construction Kit

Glides instead of rolling! Lubricant-free through dry-tech plastics. igus® linear guides are made from maintenance-free, self-lubricating high-performance plastics. (read more)

igus® inc. - Need a Motorized System?

DryLin® E is a complete linear axis system plus motor, ready to fit into a variety of applications. DryLin® E is the latest addition to the modular DryLin® range of linear products. (read more)

igus® inc. - 30 years of iglide® bearings

igus® is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its iglide plastic bearing material. Three decades ago, igus presented its first iglide plastic bearing - a lubrication and maintenance-free polymer bearing for dry running applications. After decades of research (read more)

igus® inc. - Chainflex® Cables Tested to Guarantee Performance

Cables need to survive many cycles, high speeds, and accelerations. igus® has a solid system for making sure cables don't backfire on their users and it involves a copious amount of testing. (read more)