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Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Hinged Shaft Collars Simplify Assembly

Stafford Hinged Shaft Collars now include different bore styles with attached screws to simplify assembly in remote locations. Eliminating two-piece collars with two clamping screws, Hinged Shaft Collars prevent fumbling and lost screws that could fall into equipment. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Threaded Precision Shaft Collars

Stafford Instrument Shaft Collars are precision machined and offered with custom threads ranging from extra-fine to coarse, to provide full contact with threaded shafts for holding and locating sensors and components. Designed for use in precision instruments in aerospace, automation, laboratory, medical, and optical applications, they are available in a variety of materials. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Flange Mount Shaft Collars

Stafford’s line of clamp-on shaft collars with mounting holes can be supplied with plain or custom flanges featuring different mounting hole patterns. Users can attach all types of components such as gears, pulleys, and sprockets without welding. These flange mounting collars have a smooth bore and clamping feature that won’t mar shafts. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Square Bore Mounting Collars

Stafford’s new line of Square Bore Two-Piece Shaft Collars mount on to square shafts and tubing for attaching a wide range of items. Featuring one or two flats on the O.D. with dual-purpose threaded mounting holes, they can include a variety of mounting options.The collars are available machined from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastics. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford SlipKnot™ Adjustable Rope Clamp

Stafford’s SlipKnot™ is molded from durable, weather-resistant ABS plastic and adjusts and locks onto standard size rope using a simple “twist” motion. This new design features a removable cap for attaching lanterns, flags, and other devices using a carabiner, “S” hook, or bungee cord. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Shaft Collars Won’t Damage Structural Tubing

Stafford’s machined two-piece shaft collars are ideal for locating and mounting objects onto square and round structural tubing or for mounting tubing onto a wall, display, rack, conveyor, or machine. Infinitely adjustable and having a smooth bore to attach securely without marring the shaft or tubing, they can be modified to accommodate a wide range of mounting arrangements. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Shaft Collars & Couplings for Conveyors

Stafford’s full line of shaft collars and rigid shaft couplings come in a wide variety of configurations for conveyor drive and roller system applications. Round, hex, and square bores are available for use with various types of drive and roller systems and come in standard 1/2” to 6” diagonal I.D. sizes. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Rigid Shaft Couplings for Mixers

Stafford’s full line of rigid couplings come in a variety of configurations and sizes for connecting virtually any type of pump or mixer to the drive shaft. Rigid Couplings are offered in one-, two-, and three-piece designs, with or without keyways, for connecting supported shafts. All designs can incorporate straight- or stepped bores for mating dissimilar shafts. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Collars & Couplings Resist Corrosion

Stafford Corrosion-Resistant Shaft Collars, Couplings and Mounting Devices can be made from 316SS, Hastelloy®, and similar materials for use in harsh environments where they will be exposed to chemicals and high temperatures. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Flange Mounting Collars

Stafford’s custom made flange mounting collars are perfectly square for mounting a shaft, tube, or pipe to a flat surface or for attaching components to them. Incorporating the Accu-Clamp™ non-marring and perfectly square clamping feature, these one-piece collars can be machined into flat and stable mounting flanges, hubs, or pulleys. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Expands Metric Shaft Component Line

Stafford Metric Shaft Components feature more than 500 standard parts including set-screw, 1-piece, 2-piece, and hinged shaft collars along with rigid shaft couplings in 1-, 2-, and 3-piece styles, and English-metric shaft adapters. New products include Staff-Lok™ Shaft Collars that reposition without tools, flange collars, face mount collars, and thermoplastic shaft collars

. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Plastic Shaft Mount Components

Stafford’s custom thermoplastic shaft collars, couplings, and flange mounts for food processing equipment and conveyors are used in wet environments requiring frequent washdown. Developed for FDA- and USDA-approved processing equipment and conveyors, they include 1- and 2-piece shaft collars, set-screw collars, hinged shaft collars, 1-and 2-piece couplings, and flange mounts. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Large Bore Clamp Collars

Stafford Large Bore Clamp Collars feature bore sizes up to 14" I.D. and are offered in one- and two-piece clamp-type syles with smooth- or threaded-bores. They are ideal for applications in the construction, defense, excavation, heavy equipment, mining, pulp and paper, petrochemical, waste processing, and similar industries. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Anodized Collars for Appearance, Branding

Stafford’s full line of anodized aluminum shaft collars are offered in bright colors to improve the appearance of equipment, for identification or match OEM branding requirements. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Shaft Mounts Provide Design Fexibility

Stafford’s Shaft Mounts feature a variety of collar and flange mount designs for manufacturers of conveyors, equipment, and machinery. Suitable for a wide range of applications, the standard line is manufactured from weldable 1117 steel and stocked in 1/4” to 2” I.D. sizes. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Custom Drive Solutions from Stock Parts

Stafford Custom Drive Solutions let machine builders meet numerous design challenges using standard off-the-shelf products which eliminates the need for special ordering in many situations. They include dual-keyed couplings for joining unsupported shafts, adapters for connecting dissimilar shafts, flange collars for securely mounting shafts, and more. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Mounting Clamp for Precise Locating

Staff-Mount™ Split Mounting Clamps feature a clamping half and a perfectly flat mounting half that provides a large footprint, includes dowel holes for precise locating, and 4-hole patterns for multiple attachment options. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Custom Hinged Collars

Stafford’s Custom Hinged Shaft Collars feature a triple link hinge and captive clamping screw to eliminate the need for disassembly and can be custom manufactured to meet a wide range of OEM design requirements. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Plastic Hinged Mounting Clamp

Stafford Plastic Hinged Mounting Clamps feature an integral hinge, clamping screw, and one flat section with a hole that permits them to be attached to a power strip or other item, and mounted to a tube or pipe. Providing virtually unlimited attachment flexibility, these clamps can also be used to mount tubular instruments to a flat surface for instant accessibility. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Plastic Collars Withstand Wash-Downs

Stafford Plastic Shaft Collars are available in 1” to 4” I.D. bore sizes and are designed for use in food and pharmaceutical processing,packaging, and material handling equipment. Suitable for applications requiring frequent wash-downs, they can be made from Teflon®, Delrin®, nylon, and other thermoplastics. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Rigid Shaft Couplings

Stafford’s full line of Rigid Shaft Couplings come in a broad range of types, sizes, and materials for joining unsupported shafts in applications ranging from delicate instruments to large mixers and pumps. Rigid Couplings are offered in one-, two-, and three-piece versions with or without keyways, in sizes ranging from 1/8” to 4” I.D. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stafford Shaft Collar Adjusts Without Tools

Stafford’s new lever-actuated, hinged shaft collar is ideal for non-rotary applications such as moving gates, sensor heights, stops, and spacers. The Staff-Lok™ Hinged Shaft Collar is easy to install and simple to adjust and lock in place by just lifting the conformal cam lever, moving it along a shaft, tube, or pipe and then retightening by hand. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Stanchion Mounting Collars in ABS or Stainless

Stafford Stanchion Mounting Collars features a hinge design and a smooth interior surface for mounting to a rail or tube without damage and has a countersunk hole that accepts a screw for attaching components. They are offered in low-cost plastic or stainless steel. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Mounting Shaft Collars Secure Drive Components

Stafford’s Accu-Mount™ Shaft Collars provide a square and rigid method for mounting components such as sprockets, gears, pulleys, and lever arms to a shaft and are adjustable for easy repositioning. They feature one solid square and flat side along with a centering hub and second side that securely clamps to a shaft. (read more)

Stafford Manufacturing Corp. - Custom Shaft Collars

Stafford Custom Shaft Collars can incorporate characteristics such as cams for actuation, threaded holes for attachments or mounting, O-ring grooves, milled slots, spherical bores and internal or external threads, knurled and scalloped outside diameters, and wrench flats (read more)