Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Anguil Environmental Systems is a global provider of industrial air pollution control and energy recovery systems. They design, manufacturer, service and install engineered solutions for a variety of applications and industries. With an emphasis on engineering and problem solving, Anguil's goal is to provide pollution control solutions today to help customers remain profitable tomorrow.

Anguil has designed and supplied hundreds of innovative, cost-effective solutions for customers in search of greater heat and power efficiency, either to augment their pollution control systems or as stand-alone energy cost reductions.

Additional capabilities include turnkey installations, engineering studies, equipment retrofits, refurbished equipment, preventive maintenance packages, operating cost reviews and 24-hour emergency service.

All systems are guaranteed to meet or exceed regulatory requirements. In addition, Anguil produces some of the most energy-efficient air pollution control equipment in the industry.

Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

Anguil offers a complete breadth of air pollution control technologies including:

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers
Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizers
Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizers
Thermal Recuperative Oxidizers
Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer
Emmission Concentrator Systems
Self-Cleaning Ceramic Filters
Acid Gas Scrubbers
Remediation Systems
Energy & Heat Recovery

Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.

“My new Anguil Oxidizer had been running for over a month when the natural gas company called to ask when I would be starting my air pollution control system”

Tim Richardson;
Packaging Specialties, Inc.

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