Prolonging the lives of machines and protecting the people who operate them is Centryco's mission. They make metal and fabric covers and guards that enhance productivity and reduce workplace hazards by shielding employees and their environment from machine-generated debris.

As a customer-driven company, Centryco is expanding its core competence and strengthening its technology. Centryco has demonstrated an ability to meet an ever-increasing customer demand for global rod, shaft, screw, and way protection of all types.

Since its founding in 1946, Centryco's product line has expanded to meet the ever-increasing need for protective covers. Today, their in-stock and custom products cover an incredibly diverse range of applications.

Headquartered in Burlington, NJ with a strategic global reach, Centryco offers over 50 years of design, product and customer satisfaction experience. Centryco defines its core competence in industrial safety products. In the last decade the company has experienced significant expansion through a combination of individual technologies and production skills.

To meet your requirements, Centryco's team mind-set offers a strategic alliance for the development of company partnerships based upon "company fit," involving the active participation of key personnel. This outstanding support is provided, in part, by Centryco's proprietary computer-aided design, quoting, and manufacturing technology.


1) PROTECTION/ SAFETY/ APPEAL - Centryco offers a product line to comply with worldwide applications that require Protection, Safety, and/ or Product Appeal.

2) CUSTOMIZATION - Steel? Fabric? Round? Rectangular? Flat? - You name it. They can design a product exactly to your specifications.

3) STOCK - In a hurry? Budget low? - Only a toll-free phone call away to inquire if they can fit you into one of their many stock covers and bellows.

4) RESPONSE - Quick quotes, Fast deliveries

5) VALUE - Centryco’s continuous R&D ensures employing the most effective methods of providing quality that will last while keeping costs at a minimum.

6) SUPPORT - A friendly voice (try their toll-free number 1-800-257-9537) always available to assist you in design, technical, sales, and service both before and after your purchase.

7) CONVENIENCE - Centryco employees, representatives, and distributors are nearby to offer answers and solutions.

8) EXPERIENCE - Over a half-century of protecting people and their equipment while increasing productivity.

9) GLOBAL - Installations worldwide.

10) THEIR WORD - Centryco stands behind every product - a satisfied customer is their number one priority!

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