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Daburn Electronics & CableDaburn Electronics & Cable has been providing a broad range of electronic products for 51 years.  We supply wire, cable and associated hardware, shrinkable tubing, sleeving and cold shrinking tape.  We inventory in depth and ship within hours from our vast warehouse stock.  We are ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100 certified and we can produce over 500 UL certified styles of wire and cable.  To place an order call us at 973-328-3200.  Many of our products can also be ordered online.

Daburn Electronics & Cable provides a broad range of electronic products from our two divisions:

Wire & Cable Division-
We offer both military and commercial specification wire, cable, shrinkable tubing and sleeving and cold shrinking tape. While we inventory over 20,000 standard items, we frequently run special constructions to order. If you need non-standard constructions, you will find our minimums to be less than the competition.

Electronic Hardware Division-
We stock our own porcelain insulators (stand-offs, feed thru, airplane, strain), plugs and jacks, fastening devices, clips and clamps, lacing cord and tape.

We inventory in depth and ship within 24 hours from our vast warehouse stock.

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