Dayoptics, Inc.


Dayoptics has been dedicated to serving the high power laser community during the past decade. Their complete line of High Power PBS, High Power Glan Laser Polarizers, and high power waveplates, etc, offer their customers satisfactory one-stop shopping. Understand the high power laser application is the recent and future trend; their engineers keep on exploring new technologies to meet the increasing marketing demand. “Innovation of high power optics” is not just a slogan, but an action in their daily working. Based on rich production experience and strong engineering support, Dayoptics continuously creates innovative ideas for optics.


As a manufacturer of crystal and optical products which are widely used in semiconductor, electronics, optics, laser and telecommunication, Dayoptics excels at manufacturing reliable high-quality products at very competitive prices. Their products have been exported to worldwide manufactures.


Dayoptics maintains a staff of experienced engineers and an excellent management team, who make contribution to its growth and success. Their application engineers, with years of practical experience and innovative ideas, work closely with their customers and suppliers. The excellent work by their staff guarantee they could provide customers with the best solution for the next generation optical application networks.


Equipped with the advanced facilities, Dayoptics products are designed and detected to meet the standards of Mill-standard or ISO10011. By constant improvement of their quality standard, Dayoptics is positioned to improve its Quality Management System and Return Manufactory Application System. It is their commitment to offer their customers the best quality products.


Dayoptics, Inc.The extremely high quality, ultra-low cost, mass production, just-in-time delivery and the satisfactory service are the key points which enable Dayoptics to go from strength to strength.

Their optical and crystal components include:

  • Birfringent Crystal
  • E-O Crystal
  • Color Glass
  • Windows
  • Laser Crystal
  • Optical Crystal
  • Waveplate
  • E-O Switch
  • NLO Crystal
  • Faraday Crystal
  • Polarizer
  • A-O Switch
  • Passive Crystal
  • Optical Glass
  • Lens
  • Prism

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