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Dellner Brakes ABDellner Brakes AB is a manufacturer of hydraulic caliper disc brakes and locking devices for industrial use in a wide range of applications. Dellner Brakes is located in Falun, Sweden with sales offices in the United States.  Dellner was established in 1947 and has been providing brake systems since the middle of the 1960’s.

Dellner Brakes manufactures heavy duty hydraulic pressure applied, spring released disc brakes, alternatively spring applied, hydraulic pressure released disc brakes.  Pressure applied disc brake calipers for stopping and/or holding applications, alternatively spring applied disc brake calipers for emergency and parking applications. Both types are available in a range of sizes with tangential braking force up to 90,000 lb.-f. The resultant torque is based on the diameter of the disc. Their LM locking devices have tangential locking forces up to 225,000 lb-f. All units can be mounted in multiples on one disc for increased capacity.

With their STL System they provide a “multi-function” unit, all contained in one customer interface. Available functions are Stopping, Turning and Locking. The STL-System is a modular system which allows the customer to choose the functions that are needed.

Dellner Brakes reliability and quality make them a standard for the mining, crane & winch, offshore, oil & energy, propulsion and any other industry requiring emergency shutdown, stopping, locking and parking brake systems. Dellner can provide you the complete braking solution from the brake, disc and hub to the complete power unit package.

Dellner Brakes AB is part of the Dellner Group.

Sweden Contact Information: US Offices:  
Skyfallsvägen 2
Glenn Scott  
Falun, 791 77
Phone: 46 23-783050 172 Queens River Drive 
Phone: (401) 515-4657
Sweden Fax: 46 23-770690 West Kingston, RI 02892 E-mail: glenn.scott@dellnerbrakes.com
Dellner Brakes AB


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