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DieQua offers the most options along with the experience and expertise to help select the best one for our customers!

DieQua Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of power transmission and motion control components specializing in gearboxes, gearmotors, gearheads, speed reducers, acme screw jacks, ball screw jacks, and complimentary shaft connecting couplings. With the following brands: Girard, Planetroll, Tandler, Varvel, Watt Drive, and Zimm, DieQua offers the widest range of gearbox technologies available from a single source.

Since 1983 DieQua's mission has been to provide unique and cost effective drive design solutions, using either individual components or integrated systems. They have achieved success through their customer focused consultative approach. By being involved in the machine design process and having a variety of products to choose from, both standard and customizable, DieQua can assure that the optimal solution is realized.

Whether the application is on land, at sea, or in the air, DieQua has related experience and has been a supplier to virtually all industries requiring high quality and reliable power transmission or motion control gearboxes of various types.

DieQua Corporation
Speed Reducers, Gearmotors and Inverter Duty Motors

A wide range of speed reducer and gearmotor design types for power transmission applications.

  • High Capacity Inline Helical
  • High Efficiency Helical Worm
  • Right Angle Helical Bevel
  • Single and two stage Worm
  • Parallel Shaft Mount
  • Inverter Duty Motors
DieQua Corporation

Spiral Bevel Gearboxes

Featuring low backlash, precise rotary motion, high capacity, mounting flexibility and a rugged design.

  • Standard T and L Configurations
  • Hollow Shaft Mount Designs
  • 2 & 3 Way Auxiliary Shafts
  • NEMA or IEC motor adapters
  • Reversing and Disengaging
  • Customized & Special Designs

DieQua CorporationPrecision and Economy
Servo Gearheads

The largest servo gearhead program available for cyclic, positioning and motion control applications.

  • Precision Planetary
  • Economy Planetary
  • Precision Servo Worm
  • Economy Servo Worm
  • High Torque Series Helical
  • High Torque Series Helical

DieQua Corporation

Screw Jack Systems

An acme screw and ball screw jack program offering the most extensive list of component options available.

  • Machine Screw Jacks
  • Ball Screw Jacks
  • 1/2 to 100 Ton Capacity
  • Screw Traversing Design
  • Nut Travel Design
  • Complete Lifting Systems

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