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Euchner-U.S.A., Inc. Euchner Inductive Identification Coding Systems Since its foundation in 1940, Euchner has been designing and developing switchgear for controlling diverse motion sequences in the field of machine construction and terotechnology. An innovative development in 1952 was the world's first multiple position switch.

For over 40 years Euchner & Co. has been a supplier of quality safety and man/machine interface products to the automotive, machine tool, packaging, textile, woodworking, robotics, plastic and process control industries throughout the world. From their location in East Syracuse, New York, Euchner-USA serves their customers throughout the United States.

Euchner-U.S.A., Inc. Standard ProductsTo address your concern over safety issues in the workplace, Euchner-USA offers "Machine Control Safety for the Millennium", a complete safety education seminar. Their seminars feature an introduction to ANSI and OSHA standards requirements, and how they apply to safety products such as the unique line of Euchner safety door interlocking switches and enabling switches.

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Bolts for Safety Guards (Fastening and Joining) According to EN 292-2 movable safety guards must be equipped with an interlocking device, with or without guard locking. Here it must be ensured that - dangerous machine functions are stopped as soon... (View Full Article)
Connectors (Connectors) The connectors of this series possess a robust, dull chrome-plated brass housing. With its elastically mounted and gold-plated contacts, the connector system is also suitable for low currents and... (View Full Article)