FIS Inc. - Advanced Sensor Products

FIS is an expert in developing and manufacturing gas sensors and their applications to detect and measure the air quality.

Our gas sensor is applied not only in gas detectors to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and gas explosions, but also in air purifiers and air conditioners. Furthermore, our innovative sensor development has achieved alcohol checkers which prevent drunk people from driving. FIS gas sensors are contributing to safety and comfortable driving in vehicles.

In parallel with sensor development, we also have proceeded with application development. As a result, we can market a small, light and inexpensive Sensor Gas Chromatograph (SGC) which can measure much lower concentration (several ppb) of toxic gas such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in an environmental field. We are also developing the SGC's application in the medical field such as initial diagnostics of cancer just through a patient's breath sampling.

The staff at FIS are making untiring efforts to our principle and objective, "Providing a safe and comfortable environment on Earth." In order to achieve this, FIS is providing its employees with a working environment where personality and independence are highly respected so that they can bring their abilities into full play. Your kind and continuous support would be appreciated.

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