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Fast Connection Tools to Accelerate Your Sealing and Testing Methods!

FasTest is a dedicated manufacturer of advanced engineered connection tools for pressure and vacuum testing applications.  FasTest connection tools are easy, safe and more reliable while dramatically lowering your operating costs with increased operational throughput for a fast return on your investment.

Thousands of satisfied customers have made the switch from inefficient, unproductive plugging or sealing methods to FasTest quick connection tools for their testing or filling needs.  Specifically, FasTest connectors are used in the compressed gas, manufacturing, process, processing with refrigerant, medical device testing and every major automotive manufacturer as well as leading appliance companies internationally. 

Their complete selection of connection products and extensive experience since 1985 will help you specify the right connector for your application.  Small differences can diminish the suitability of a connector for your application. At FasTest, they regularly modify standard products to fit your specific application and testing requirements.

Why should you choose FasTest?

FasTest Connection Tools Offer:

  • A unique and proprietary pressure-assisted gripping and sealing technology that increases gripping pressure as the pressure increases while virtually eliminating accidental removal under pressure

  • A floating split collet design that eliminates operator adjustment

  • Dynamic Seals that minimize seal stress to increase seal life and reliability and allow for increased sealing pressure

  • Engineered seals which allow for a wide range of seal options giving FasTest more latitude in engineering a system to meet your application

  • Minimal maintenance, easy seal replacement, long life and ergonomically friendly designs

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