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Introducing Mar Cor Purification, is a company that combines four companies you know and trust - Minntech Filtration Technologies Group, Mar Cor Services, Biolab Equipment and Fluid Solutions. The focus of Mar Cor Purification is delivering proven filtration and infection control technology, supplying high-quality equipment for ultrapure water applications, and providing reliable customer service that is unsurpassed in the industry. As a global company, Mar Cor is committed to serving the needs of their customers worldwide. With over 75 years of combined company experience and backed by their parent company, Cantel Medical Corp., Mar Cor Purification is ideally suited to lead the way in the filtration, water, and disinfection technology marketplace. The success of the four businesses that have combined to form Mar Cor Purification, as well as the success of their customers, has been based upon the principle of providing reliable service. Their dedication to this principle will not change. They welcome the opportunity to meet your toughest demands while continuing to provide outstanding customer service. Their representatives are located at more than 30 sites throughout the world to provide sales and technical support.

Mar Cor Purification Filtration
Mar Cor Purification's unique hollow fiber membrane technology is available in FiberFlo brand filtration and separation devices and is the centerpiece of a full line of filtration products. Fiberflo filters are available in either cartridge or capsule form. Not only do FiberFlo filters provide consistent performance, but with up to three times the filter area as traditional pleated filters, FiberFlo hollow fiber filter products can streamline processes and save both capital and operating expenses. The Mar Cor BioScience Products Group is ready to help design advanced filtration systems that will achieve the cleanliness required for your next generation of products.
Mar Cor Purification Water
Mar Cor Purification is a leader in high purity water systems and has been since 1969. They manufacture a complete line of reverse osmosis and electrodeioniztion systems, including ultrafiltration, softeners, backwashable filters, storage and distribution, and service deionization equipment. These systems are used in pharmaceutical, dialysis, food & beverage and many other market applications. As an ISO certified facility, they are licensed to build and service medical devices.
Mar Cor Purification

Mar Cor Purification’s disinfection family of products is ideally suited for many applications. The cleanliness of water systems is critical to their efficient operation. Minncare and Minnclean sanitizer and membrane cleaner products provide the best in biological contamination control and system cleaning capabilities. Using Minncare Sanitizer is the most efficient way to reduce or eliminate biofilm contamination of your water treatment and distribution system. It is proven to be the fastest disinfectant available.

Minncare is also the active agent in the latest in room disinfection; dry fog. This environmentally friendly chemical delivery system enables facilities to completely and quickly disinfect a room without the use of harmful chemicals. Fouled membranes in water treatment systems reduce system efficiency and cost you money. Minnclean AC and Minnclean TF offer fast and safe cleaning for your Reverse Osmosis membranes that restore efficiency.

Actril is a ready to use, fast acting surface disinfectant that is effective against a broad spectrum of organisms. It is used for manual disinfections, instruments, and small tanks and tubing.

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