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About is based in North America, and is a division of Fiberscope Inc. Our company is fast becoming one of the largest online suppliers of industrial inspection devices with annual growth averaging 20%. We serve a global market, with clients in over 38 countries and a growing network of international resellers, providing rigid and flexible borescopes, videoscopes, sewer cameras as well as a full line of accessories.

We are proud of the positive social and environmental impact of the products that we sell. Thousands of customers worldwide trust our scopes to keep their machinery running smoothly, water flowing, pipelines operating safely, and to ensure that airplanes stay aloft. Our products are used to maintain equipment in a wide range of industries, ensuring minimal downtime, maximum service life, and dependable operation. Our products provide the peace of mind that comes from being able to truly see what is wrong, while saving you time and money for unnecessary disassembly and reconstruction. Our corporate responsibilities extend further as Fiberscope Inc. is also a proud monthly sponsor of Christian Aid Ministry, supporting needy people around the globe.

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General Information about Borescopes (Inspection Tools and Instruments) Bore scope is a rigid (industrial endoscope) or flexible (fibrescope, flexible borescope) tube with an eyepiece on one end, an objective lens on the other linked together by a relay optical system in... (View Full Article)