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PEI-Genesis is one of the 15 largest electronic component distributors in the world. A privately-held company, PEI-Genesis has been in business since 1946. PEI-Genesis is an international manufacturer, assembling distributor, and engineering design firm for connectors. Our production capabilities meet and exceed the highest military and industrial standards for consistent quality, inspection, marking and packaging. Our factories are DoD and QPL-approved. Our US operations are ITAR-registered with the US State Department. Our UK facility is registered with the BIS. PEI headquarters and the South Bend, IN facility are AS9100C certified worldwide.  PEI-Genesis is also a member of NBAA. 

From the largest component inventory, PEI develops engineered solutions that support the military, industrial, medical, aerospace, transportation, and energy sectors worldwide. PEI-Genesis can build over 12 million unique connectors from stock at a rate of more than 5,000 per hour. Using proprietary automation for speed, consistency, and quality, PEI-Genesis can build just 1 piece or 10,000 pieces with equal ease to any standard or customized specification.

Driven by their Model, which is who they are, what they do and how they do it, PEI-Genesis is the only partner that offers assembly and shipment of connectors in 48 hours and modified standard power supplies in five days.


PEI-Genesis knows that they are not the brand. They don’t design new products; they build a bridge between their suppliers and you. They serve as a single point of contact, giving you better access to the parts you need - fast. By focusing on value-added assembly, they offer an extremely broad range of products with almost-instant availability. By stocking large inventories of component parts, they shorten lead times from weeks or months to just hours.


They value-add over 80% of the products they sell. They stock your products in their component parts, not pre-built, which allows them to assemble products to meet your specific order. By building to order, they bring the full range of their suppliers’ portfolios within your reach with 48-hour turnaround for connectors and five days for power supplies with no minimum order quantities.


They are committed to being the fastest in the world at everything they do. They routinely take products that have long lead times and make them instantly available in all of their variations. This is one of PEI’s differentiators. On average, PEI’s cycle time for value-added parts is 1.2 working days for connectors with no minimum order quantities.


PEI built their entire company around the concept of high-mix, low-volume mass-customized products. It squarely positions them to support businesses of all sizes across diverse markets that may be overlooked by other distributors or suppliers because the opportunities are considered too small. No order is ever too small or too difficult for PEI!


PEI-Genesis believes that business is personal. They put their sales and applications teams close to their customers to create intimacy. View a full list of our locations.


PEI’s knowledgeable inside sales team is backed by internal applications engineers which you can access. In the field, there is an experienced outside sales force bolstered by field applications engineers. PEI also has a team of design engineers and product managers focused on providing in-depth product knowledge. PEI has also created design tools such as Solution Guides and a Connector Cookbook to help you design-in their products. Have a technical need? Call them at 1-800-675-1214 or +44 (0)2380 621260 or submit an online form.


As a family-owned company, PEI takes their values seriously. They are: Integrity and Innovation, Continuous Measurable Improvement, Teamwork, Respect, and Excellent service to their customers. Learn more.

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