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A diverse line of cast aluminum clamps and tubing in metric/inch sizes, for fast positioning and repositioning of production line structures.   An easy-to-assemble extruded aluminum construction system, ideal for building industrial frames, workstations, machine guards and production lines.   An innovative system of flush-fitting tube and joint clamps for building stairs, stair railings, guard railings, scaffolding, and working platforms of all kinds.   RK Linears, a complete line of linear motion units essential to machine integration. RK Lifts, electronic lifting units and actuators for the industrial market.

RK’s product lines include a broad range of electro-mechanical components in aluminum and steel for assembly, automation and production environments.

RK Rose + KriegerRK offers:

  • RK Connects with over 1000 die-cast aluminum clamps in metric and inch sizes, complemented by numerous sizes of precise aluminum and steel tubing;
  • RK StairWorks, an easy to assemble system for constructing stairs, railings, and working platforms requires no special assembly tools;
  • RK FrameWorks, an aluminum extrusion construction system offering over 100, close-tolerance, aluminum extruded profiles and various types of connectors, including RK patented "Hidden Bracket" connection;
  • RK Linears, a complete line of linear motion units, including rolling guides, acme spindle units and timing belt linears; and
  • RK Lifts, a series of electronic lifting units and actuators for the industrial market.

RK is a customer oriented manufacturer offering standard and customer-specific products and services. RK, a division of Phoenix Mecano, offers the highest quality and most competitively priced products and services in the industry. RK’s headquarters, warehouse and manufacturing facilities are located in Frederick, Maryland. Sales Representatives are located throughout the United States.

RK strives to exceed customer expectations through innovative high-quality products so we canprovide the building blocks for sophisticated machine design, automation, and production line construction.


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