Res-Kem LLC Res-Kem LLCRes-Kem designs and assembles a full line of quality pre-engineered and custom water treatment equipment, including water softeners, dealkalizers, filters, demineralizers, deionizers, and reverse osmosis systems. Since 1983, they have provided water treatment solutions for large and small companies nationwide, in a wide variety of industries including power generation, electronics, chemicals, textiles, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, paper, and printing.

In addition, Res-Kem provides a broad range of technical and maintenance services for water treatment applications, including system design, integration of new components with existing systems, needs assessment, preventive maintenance, repair services, equipment upgrading, tank exchanges and rebedding. Res-Kem also offers a full line of water treatment system components and accessories, such as ion exchange resins, activated carbons, filter media, tanks and valves - both for their own equipment and for many other major manufacturersRes-Kem LLC.

Res-Kem LLCRes-Kem's highly-trained engineering staff is available to support the customer every step of the way. These experts draw on years of experience to develop efficient, high-quality systems that fit the budget and process of the customer, with the added benefit of their computer-assisted design and engineering capabilities. Res-Kem can design, assemble and install a new water treatment system, or upgrade current equipment to incorporate the latest technology. Whatever your water treatment requirements, Res-Kem can help clients find the right solution.

Res-Kem LLC

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