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Smalley is a manufacturer of Spiral Retaining Rings and Wave Springs. For more than 50 years, Smalley has used a unique coiling technology to produce flat wire products that are not a stamping. This process offers an inexpensive solution for stainless steel and requires No-Tooling-Charges™ on special designs. Smalley manufactures rings and springs in all materials, including standard parts in carbon and stainless steel. Smalley is efficient in producing both high speed, high volume production in addition to smaller runs, prototypes or special design requirements. Smalley Steel Ring Company offers free samples of standard parts from their catalog to test in your application.

Engineers at Smalley are your ring and spring experts. Smalley's Engineers are available for immediate design help. To contact Smalley Engineers, please call, fax or go on-line at

Spirolox Retaining Rings SPIRAL RETAINING RINGS

·   Spirolox Retaining Rings
Spirolox Retaining Rings, also known as Spiral Retaining Rings, are available exclusively from Smalley.

Spirals have No Ears to Interfere™ with mating components in your assembly. Spirals are manufactured by coiling the ring from flat wire. Because coiling produces a retaining ring with no scrap, the Smalley Ring can be economically produced in carbon steel, stainless steel, coppers, and many other alloys.

Smalley offers over 6,000 standard rings, which are readily available in both carbon and stainless steel. If you require special designs, take advantage of Smalley's No-Tooling-Cost process; a process perfect for large runs, prototypes and midstream design changes.

Whatever your application, Smalley has the cost-effective and innovative design solution.

·   Constant Section Rings
Constant Section Rings (Snap Rings) are often specified for heavy duty or impact loading applications.

Produced by edgewinding, with no special tooling charges, snap rings have been specified for many years in the automotive and heavy equipment industries as a standard choice of engineers.

Smalley offers eight series of snap rings from stock:

  • Over 1,000 stock sizes
  • Inch and Metric series rings available
  • Stocked from .375” to 10” diameters, 13 mm to 300 mm
  • Specials available from .200” to 120”
  • New series, interchangeable with Eaton® rings
Constant Section Rings (Snap Rings)
Crest-to-Crest® Wave Springs WAVE SPRINGS

·  Crest-to-Crest® Wave Springs ( C & CS Series)
Smalley Crest-to-Crest® Wave Springs can replace conventional round wire springs while occupying only half the space. Smalley Crest-to-Crest Springs offer the same force and deflection as standard coil springs.

Crest-to-Crest springs are stocked in a wide variety of loads and deflections; standard parts are available with diameters from 3/8” to 16”. Special designs can be produced with diameters ranging from .200” to 90”; specials are affordable because of Smalley’s No-Tooling-Cost™ process.

·  Single Turn Wave Springs (SSR Series)
Single turn Wave Springs are perfect for tolerance take up and preloading an assembly. Smalley Single Turn Springs are coiled not stamped, providing for an affordable, precision load, stainless steel option. Wave Springs are stocked from ½” to 16” in both carbon and stainless steel.

·  Bearing Preload (SSB Series)
Single turn wave springs are ideal for bearing preload. The wave spring preloads the bearing through its outer race, taking up play in the bearing. By preloading a bearing, you will reduce bearing damage and wear.

Smalley’s Bearing Wave Spring Series comes in metric sizes to match popular bearing sizes. Smalley has over 150 standard bearing springs available, ranging from 16mm to 580mm. Specials are available for unique bearing sizes with No-Tooling-Charges™

·  Wavo® Springs (RW Series)
Wavo Springs are a compact round wire wave springs designed to fit in tight radial and axial spaces. As an ideal alternative to belleville springs, Wavo Springs provide high and accurate force, while maintaining dimensional stability and precise load / deflection characteristics.

Wavo Springs are stocked in carbon and stainless steel with diameters from ½" to 6". Special designs are available with diameters up to 90".

Wave Springs

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