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Tekscan, Inc.


Tekscan is the leading manufacturer of tactile pressure and force measurement systems and sensors. For over 20 years Tekscan has been providing paper-thin sensors measure contact force and pressure between virtually any two mating surfaces. They are accurate, simple to use, and extremely cost-effective, all of which account for their ever-increasing use in a multitude of industrial, medical, dental and commercial applications. 

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Tekscan products and services can be divided into the following categories:

Tekscan, Inc. Pressure & Force Measurement Systems for R&D, Testing, & Quality Assurance 
Tekscan's Industrial pressure mapping systems are used by product designers and test engineers throughout the research, design, testing, and manufacturing cycle to verify and enhance product performance.  Tekscan offers multiple pressure measurement systems and sensors to address a variety of applications, such as seat and mattress design, wiper force measurement, ergonomic comfort, tire tread analysis and much more. The informative data captured by these systems, allow companies to save money in design, design verification, reengineering, and machine set-up costs.

Tekscan, Inc.

Force Sensors for OEM’s, Test & Measurement, R&D

The FlexiForce® division of Tekscan produces tactile force sensors. These thin and flexible sensors are accurate, easily integrated, and cost-effective. Depending on your needs, we offer: 

·         Standard (off-the-shelf) single-point force sensors for test & measurement

·         Custom force sensors for OEM applications

·         Complete force measurement systems combining force sensors, data acquisition software and electronics

Tekscan, Inc.

Flexible Position Sensors

FlexiPot™, by Tekscan, is a customizable membrane potentiometer with a flexible, ultra-thin, lightweight profile. Its low power requirements and linear output make it the ideal position sensor for OEM applications.  Available off the shelf in both rotary and linear forms for testing and prototyping, FlexiPot is fully customizable for integration into OEM products.

Tekscan, Inc.

™ Pressure Indicating Film

Prescale™ film is used to measure contact pressures. The film structure consists of micro-encapsulated color forming and developing material. When pressure is applied to the film, a red color impression is formed in varying density according to the amount of pressure and pressure distribution.  Prescale film is used in applications requiring:

·         static pressure measurements

·         visual pattern of peak pressure

·         one-time use

Tekscan, Inc.

Human & Animal Pressure Mapping Systems

The search for cost-effective tools in the prevention and management of pressure-related problems for at risk patients has been a constant source of frustration for clinicians and hospital administrators. Tekscan's pressure measurement systems provide accurate, reliable data that is outcome focused and provides important insights into the formation of pressure-related sores. This information is an important quantitative adjunct to other qualitative assessment tools, assisting the clinician in providing results-oriented, cost-effective assessments and preventative care.

Tekscan, Inc.

Dental Occlusal Analysis System

Tekscan's T-Scan system is a valuable tool that aids in the diagnostic process of analyzing a patient's bite to show what is and what is not functioning properly. When a bite is unstable it can cause pain, broken restorations, gum disease, tooth loss, headaches and TMJ disorder.

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