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VJ Technologies, Inc. offers leading-edge solutions for the most advanced X-ray imaging applications. They perform CFR1020.40 X-Ray Inspections Only.

VJ Technologies is the parent corporation for VJ Electronix and VJ X-Ray. For over 20 years, their highly-specialized divisions have developed and manufactured a complete line of automated x-ray inspection systems for the industrial, electronic, medical and nuclear industries. VJT delivers a competitive advantage over other companies through their vast network of global offices.

VJ Technologies offers state-of-the-art industrial radiography solutions for the most demanding imaging applications. Their solutions provide high-quality images for advanced diagnostic capability, enhanced quality control, and improved component information.

V.J. Technologies, Inc.

VJ Electronix solutions provide the test, validation, and quality control needs for a variety of electronics industries. Their manual and automated x-ray inspection systems offer precise defect detection and high quality verification. Their semi-automated and automated SMT rework stations are particularly suited to µBGA, CSP, and Flip Chip component technologies through large CCGA, CPU sockets, and connectors.

V.J. Technologies, Inc.

VJ X-Ray focuses on the design and manufacture of high-voltage power supplies and integrated x-ray generators.

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VJ Technologies, Inc.
VJ Technologies, Inc.
VJ Technologies, Inc.


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