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Vaughan Co., Inc.


Vaughan Co., Inc.

Over 50 years EXPERIENCE
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  • World's largest self-priming chopper pumps
  • Up to 6000 GPM
  • Up to 70% efficiency
  • Up to 22 feet priming lift

The Vaughan Chopper Pump is a centrifugal pump with the unique ability of chopping all incoming solids prior to pumping. This not only protects the pump from clogging, but also provides added benefit to downstream components and processes.

All wear components are cast steel and heat treated for maximum impact and wear resistance. Combined together, these heavy duty patented components create the ultimate pump for handling severe solids.

Vaughan chopper pumps and Triton screw centrifugal pumps are available in several configurations and sizes to suit most needs for agricultural, municipal, and industrial processing applications.  Stop by our booth to learn how we can meet your needs.

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