For over 50 years Wayne Kerr has been a pioneer in the field of electronic test and measurement, and in particular component test (LCR). It is an area where Wayne Kerr is acknowledged worldwide for the quality, accuracy and capability of its products. Other important products include, Hipot and Safety Testers, RF test products and DC Current Sources.

EDAX, Inc.
Impedance Analysis
Accurate high frequency measurements combined with an easy to use graphical interface and high resolution colour display.
EDAX, Inc.
A range of LCR meters and component analyzers with basic accuracy from 0.1% to 0.02%.
EDAX, Inc.
Wound Component
The 3255BL, 3255B, 3255BQ and 3260B enable wound components to be fully characterized to a basic accuracy of 0.1%.
EDAX, Inc.
Transformers are wound components which have unique characteristics. The 3255BL, 3255B, 3255BQ and 3260B are wound component and transformer analyzers offering many transformer specific measurement functions.
EDAX, Inc.
The 3261A test system automates the testing of transformers and POTS used in ADSL and ISDN communication systems.
EDAX, Inc.
Impulse Surge Tester
The 7720 is a multiple winding tester suitable for armature, transformer, and inductor non destructive analyzer.
EDAX, Inc.
DC Power Source
A range of DC bench power supplies with single, triple, or quad outputs with power outputs up to 1kW. RS232 and GPIB control is available on many of the instruments.
EDAX, Inc.
Modulation Analysis
The 257 is a portable AM/FM 2GHz modulation meter with three band pass filters.
EDAX, Inc.
A range of accessories which includes fixtures, leads, Kelvin clips and SMD tweezers.

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