Weforma Dämpfungstechnik GmbHWeforma develops, produces and distributes deceleration components for industrial applications. We manufacture an extensive range of hydraulic deceleration components for machine building and handling companies. Air Springs and Air Spring systems for vibration and isolation technology complete the product range. Next to our large range of standard components we have established an excellent reputation for providing a quick and flexible response regarding modifications and specials.

With over 30 years experience in the development of deceleration components and having established an excellent reputation for providing a quick response to producing standard and special versions Weforma can offer you a solution.

Weforma Products

  • Deceleration Technology
    • Industrial Shock Absorbers
    • Deceleration Cylinders
    • Speed Controls
    • Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbers
    • Elasto-Fluid Shock Absorbers
    • Shock Absorber for Elevators
    • Rotary Dampers
    • Gas Springs
  • Vibration Technology
    • Air Springs
    • Elastomer Springs
    • Crane Buffers
    • Overrun Buffers for Elevators
    • Metal cushions
  • Transfer Technology
    • Pallet Stopper
    • Anti-Bounce Stopper
    • Positioning Cylinder
    • Escapements
    • Grippers


The printed catalogues and brochures are available as pdf files. [more]


With the help of our calculation software for shock absorbers, air springs, rotary dampers and metal cushions the best deceleration solution can easily be found. [more]

  CAD Drawings

The drawings of the products are stored in 2D and 3D format. [more]


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